Thursday, April 30, 2015

NEW: Clipper on Android

Dear Polyvore Community,

You’ve been asking for a Clipper on the Android, so we made it happen! AND it’s super easy to use! You can now clip from any other app on your Android device or from any website you are browsing.
How does it work? Make sure you have the most current version of the app, and you’re ready to start:
  1. In the Android browser or other Android app, when you see an image you like, select the “share” option from the browser’s action bar or the menu button from the Android app where you see that image 
  2. Click “share.” Polyvore will appear as one of the options 
  3. Share to Polyvore
That’s it!

We’ll pull up the images for you to clip and you can select as many images as you would like to bring into Polyvore.

After you clip in (share) your items, you can check out your clipped items on Polyvore in a cool new shortcut: In your Android notifications, you will see your new clipped items in “My items” in the Polyvore app with just one touch.
For details on how to clip from another app, go here and for details on how to clip from the Android browser go here.

Happy clipping!

The Polyvore Team

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tonight: Join us on the Interwebs for a Polyvore Cocktail Hour!

We're in NYC tonight at 6:30 PM ET chatting with reporters from some of your favorite publications about all things Polyvore. We want YOU to join the party, too. Our very own editorial curator, Amy Wicks, will be on hand to answer some of your burning questions.

Follow the event on Twitter and ask Amy anything using #PVCocktailHour. Whatever's on your mind -- "Who's your favorite designer?" "What do you love most about Polyvore Remix?" or maybe "What's your favorite spring trend?". Answers will be tweeted out all night long.

Hope to "see" you there!
The Polyvore Team

Friday, April 24, 2015

Polyvore’s New Promoted Trends Connect Brands and Shoppers Searching for Style Inspiration

By Arnie Gullov-Singh, Chief Operating Officer

People from all over the world visit Polyvore to discover how to style the latest trends. Today, we’re introducing another way for brands and retailers to connect with our global community of influential shoppers: Promoted Trends.

Promoted Trends give brands and retailers the opportunity to highlight trending products and styles via integration across our desktop and mobile web sites. With Promoted Trends, we’re providing an engaging native advertising experience to attract shoppers already searching for the latest trends. We’re excited to launch Promoted Trends with luxury fashion retailer LUISAVIAROMA as our first partner on Monday, April 27th.
Polyvore’s global community of shoppers have created over 150 million shoppable outfits to show how their favorite products go together. With Promoted Trends, brands can now drive engagement around the trends that are most important to them, and provide even more style inspiration to Polyvore’s community.

Promoted Trends are the latest way we’re helping brands and retailers maximize their overall presence with our global community of influential shoppers. In addition to Promoted Trends, we offer other paid programs that amplify brands’ organic activity and that put their products in front of more shoppers. Interested in participating in the new Promoted Trends program? Check out our business page for more details.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Behind the Scenes: Polyvore Members Model in Lucky Magazine!

We're so proud to share that, over the next few months, Lucky Magazine will feature five members of the Polyvore community in beautiful, full-page spreads! Look for your fellow community members @rosemaryandlace@laurencbb@neon-fox, @saminay84 and @gabrielle-pedriani in the May, June/July and August issues. The May issue will hit newsstands on April 28th, so be sure to pick one up to see @rosemaryandlace, @laurencbb and @neon-fox in action.

Meet the May issue community members and see what went down behind the scenes at their Lucky Magazine photo shoot.

Meet Michelle (@rosemaryandlace):
Tell us about your experience on set for the Lucky shoot. 
The experience was great! There were makeup artists, nail artists and hair stylists. The other models were five beautiful girls who, like me, are Polyvore creators with normal, everyday lives. It was great to meet so many people with such diverse backgrounds.

There was an abundance of spring and summer styles -- clothing, shoes, and accessories. Some of the styles included crop tops, flowing skirts and destroyed denim. The colors were brights and pastels, and looked great against the bright blue backdrop. There were brands that I would shop from myself (Zara, J.Crew and Banana Republic) as well as some I had never heard of before and grew to love while I was there.

What did you think of the beautiful outfit you wore? 
The outfit Lucky put together for me was something I would have purchased and put together myself. I have a very girl style and the feminine skirt they gave me from Banana Republic was just perfect. Floral prints are, by far, my favorite and the crop top was something I wanted to bring home!

What was your favorite part of the day? 
Meeting the girls who were part of the photo shoot. I could feel the energy in the room and the Lucky stylists, photographers and editors were all amazing -- they had the same great energy. It was truly an experience I will never forget!

Meet Alicia (@neon-fox):
Tell us about your experience on set for the Lucky shoot.
The lights and backdrop were set up and an entire glam squad, complete with incredible stylists and changing booths for outfit swaps, were at the ready!

What did you think of the beautiful outfit you wore?
I loved each outfit the stylists put together. I would've never thought to put such cool prints and colors together like they did.

What was your favorite part of the day?
My favorite part of the experience was being in front of the camera. It was honestly the highlight of the shoot because I felt like a model and everyone was saying that I was a natural! The vibe of the shoot was just so much fun and I would totally do it again.

Meet Lauren (@laurencbb):
Tell us about your experience on set for the Lucky shoot. 
When I arrived at the third story, all-white studio in midtown Manhattan, I first noticed the great breakfast. They had coffee, tea, fruit, yogurt, donuts and croissants all laid out for the crew and Polyvore members. It was the perfect welcome. There was a rack at the far end of the studio full of blouses, mainly blush tones and light blues, and there were a few bright dresses mixed in. The accessories table had necklaces, watches, bracelets and different clutches. It was so fun to see all the items displayed so orderly, like a boutique. I made a mental note to try and organize my collection of jewelry better! Under the accessories table were pairs of shoes were lined up, each pair having their own "feel" -- a pair of black loafers, a metallic-and-white high heel, blue strappy sandals and many more.

What did you think of the beautiful outfit you wore? 
After meeting the girls, I felt like everyone's chosen outfits represented their personalities -- I know mine did. I loved the print-on-print top and skirt since that is truly one of my favorite trends to wear right now. It was fun and not too serious, but polished and pulled together. Michelle was so ladylike and her white skirt added a soft feminine vibe to her outfit while Alicia's cool hair, leather jacket and blue heel instantly changed her look to edgy chic -- just like her.

What was your favorite part of the day? 
The best part of the shoot was when the photographer could tell we were all a little camera shy (I mean, come on, it's not every day you have a wind machine blowing your hair like Beyoncé and have people you just met watching), so he walked to the side of the room, opened a cabinet revealing a stereo system and pumped up the volume on '90s rap songs. We all loosened right up and had fun in front of the camera.

It was such a great experience and one I will never forget! I still feel so lucky I was chosen to participate in this fun project.

Behind the Scenes with Lucky Magazine
Behind the Scenes shots by Joey Pasion ( / IG: @drphotobiz
Be on the lookout for a series of Lucky x Polyvore contests coming at you all season long and stay tuned for the June/July issue!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Polyvore Member @leslieakay Rocks Out at Coachella

Last weekend, community member leslieakay attended Coachella as the Polyvore Community Correspondent. The hot weekend was filled with good music, great trend spotting and LOTS of celebrities. Here’s the scoop from Leslie.

How was it?
Tell us everything. The weekend was a lot of fun from start to finish. It sped by! Each day was a completely different experience. From the parties, to the shows -- I loved checking out what styles were on-trend this festival season.

What was the highlight of your weekend?
The highlight of my weekend was Coachella itself. It's one thing to see photos of it, but to actually be there and experience the atmosphere…!

Who was your favorite band? 
Seeing Florence and the Machine perform live was amazing. Not only does she have a gorgeous voice, but as long as she's on stage, she's making sure she's putting on a major show.

Florence and the Machine at Coachella

What are some of your other must see bands? 
I also enjoyed seeing Hozier, Drake and Jack White perform!

What was the new festival wear this year? 
Moving away from the inappropriate tribal wear this year, there was a heavy focus on traditional 1970s bohemian trends. On celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson, I saw denim, suede and fringe, minus the offensive looks we've seen in previous years. On the opposite end of the spectrum, grunge is back in a big way. Not only did I see plaids and leather, but the neon hippie/Lisa Frank-esque style of the ‘90s, which I saw on Blake Anderson and his wife, Rachael Finley, was another major look, very different from the bohemian trend. In hair color, the pastel shades of last year are still popular, but a new shade I saw a lot was highlighter yellow.

Gigi Hadid + Cody Simpson: La Vie Boheme at Coahella

Any tips for people going to Coachella this weekend? 
 For those heading to Coachella this week, make sure you hit up The Boutique, beside the band merch tent. In The Boutique, you can find some very cool items. I bought the palm-tree Coachella beanie. What should you wear? Some of the coolest looks I saw mixed boho and grunge together in one look. Personally, I received a lot of compliments on my leather fringed skirt which I got from Forever 21.

How were the Coachella parties?
I ended up attending a few parties including the Pandora/#MinnieStyle/#TinkStyle event. There, we browsed Lauren Conrad's new collection and enjoyed the mani bar before sitting front row at the Pandora fashion show. After that, we made our way to the H&M ♥ Coachella party which was DJ'd by Haim. Later in the weekend, I attended the Pop Sugar pool party and the Neon Carnival. I had a wristband to the Bootsy Bellows event (which was THE event of the weekend with Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, Gigi Hadid and many others), but unfortunately, the fire marshall shut down entry early.
What celebrities did you see? 
I ran into so many celebrities including Haim, Cody Simpson, Gigi Hadid, Sarah Hyland, Patricia Field, Jeremy Scott, Nolan Gould, Victoria Justice, Paris Hilton, Joe Jonas, Taryn Manning, Zoe Kravitz, Hozier and Robert Pattinson and many more!

Check out her Coachella coverage

Follow her on Instagram, Tumblr and Polvyvore