Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Revealing Our New & Improved HQ Space!

We’re ready for the big reveal! Thanks to community member Bellamarie, our Polyvore Headquarters has a new and improved look. We’re so excited to finally share the details of our transformation.

She did an amazing job envisioning a fresh, new look in her contest set and then budgeting and sourcing the perfect items needed to transform our office space. She made her way all the way out to California to help us put the look together and finally see her vision come to life.

Polyvore HQ Redo

She did it all -- from new paint, carpets and couches to gorgeous coffee table books, throw pillows and candle holders! She even created a giant hand-drawn Polyvore set on our new chalkboard wall.

Check it out, from start to finish:

Thank you, from all of us!!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays, Community!

Thanks for making 2014 another amazing year! We couldn't have done it without you. Be sure to check out all the awesome things you guys did over the past year on our community page

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year. 

The Polyvore Team

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Best of Polyvore 2014

By: Amy Wicks, Editorial Curator, who is currently obsessed with a 1978 yellow-gold Rolex.

Are skinny jeans still hot? Did Selena Gomez beat out Taylor Swift as the most popular female celebrity searched? And why is Tupac on the same list as One Direction (1D)? We answer these questions - plus many more - in our first-ever "The Best of Polyvore 2014" list.

It’s no secret that the Polyvore community often has a pulse on what will trend before it’s trending, but some of the most buzzed about celebs and fashions may come as a surprise! So what were our community of trendsetters most inspired by this year? We looked at which top accessories, shoes, clothes, beauty products, brands and pop culture icons were searched for to put together our top 10 lists.

Not So Fast Taytay! Taylor Swift may have the hottest album of the year but her style takes a back seat to Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and sis Kylie Jenner.

Selena Gomez finished the year in the #1 spot for top female fashion icons on Polyvore, featured in over 50,000 sets. Could it have been the Bieber effect or her adidas partnership? Almost as surprising, Kylie Jenner beat out her sister Kim as the most popular Kardashian. And newcomer Ariana Grande came in at #2, inspiring fashion fans with her high ponytail, cat-eared headbands and minis.

This year, One Direction was the most popular pop musician on Polyvore. In fact, 1D photos, tees and fragrances were featured in over 200,000 sets -- not surprising, since the band had a huge year touring. Also interesting is that artists like Nirvana and Tupac were popular this year. The 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death was in 2014. Also this year, a Tupac biopic went into development. Or, it could just be that the Polyvore community is nostalgic for the ‘90s!

The Polyvore community also finds fashion inspiration from movies. “Frozen” was hands-down the most popular movie in 2014, mentioned in over 48,000 sets. Wonder if Elsa’s now-iconic braid had anything to do with it?
Long Live Skinny Jeans! Polyvore users are obsessed with 'em, picking them above all other styles. Despite what the fashion industry may say, skinny jeans are not out. Also, the popularity of crop tops and stylish sneakers within the community shows that street style is here to stay. Whether community members were looking to bundle up with a cute winter hat, or add an accent to their festival wardrobes, beanies and flower crowns won out as the top accessories for the year.

On the beauty front, the Polyvore community wanted their lips bolder than ever: red and deep purple lipsticks were a major trend. With nail polish, monochromatic digits were the way to go in 2014: every polish in Polyvore’s top products was either black or white.
Polyvore in your Back Yard. One of the best parts of Polyvore is that our global fashionistas are able add their own, local flare to the community. Whether it was the urban trendsetters from Philadelphia, the polar vortex-preppers in Chicago, or the grunge classics in Portland, we were able to identify the top trends from cities around the nation. Did the Polyvore community get your hometown flair right?

You Search for What?! Top items and celebrities aside, sometimes we stumble across interesting trends from the community’s activity. Did you know searches for holiday items started in September? Or the Fifa World Cup was five times more popular than the Sochi Winter Olympics?

Not Yo Mama’s Fashion! When it comes to the most popular fashion brands, trends and celebrities our community of stylists live on the forefront of what’s most influential. What do you think of “The Best of Polyvore 2014”? Any trends or celebrities you wish had made the list? Share your feedback below, or with the hashtag #Polydata on social media.

Top 10 Male Celebrities
Top 10 Female Celebrities
  1. Justin Bieber
  2. Harry Styles
  3. Niall Horan
  4. Luke Hemmings
  5. Austin Mahone
  6. Zayn Malik
  7. Louis Tomlinson
  8. Ed Sheeran
  9. Drake
  10. Liam Payne
  1. Selena Gomez
  2. Ariana Grande
  3. Kylie Jenner
  4. Kim Kardashian
  5. Taylor Swift
  6. Rihanna
  7. Miley Cyrus
  8. Victoria Beckham
  9. Beyonce
  10. Perrie Edwards
Top 10 Musicians
Top 10 Movies
  1. One Direction
  2. 5SOS
  3. Nirvana
  4. Little Mix
  5. Tupac
  6. The Beatles
  7. Fall Out Boy
  8. The Vamps
  9. Michael Jackson
  10. Eminem
  1. Frozen
  2. The Fault in Our Stars
  3. Divergent
  4. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 1
  5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  6. Maleficent
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  8. Gone Girl
  9. Begin Again
  10. Laggies
Top 10 Tops
Top 10 Bottoms
Top 10 Accessories
Top 10 Shoes

Top 10 Brands
Top 10 Lipsticks

Monday, December 8, 2014

Cheers to Member Hosted Polyvore Meetups in 2014

We're sending a big THANK YOU to all of the hosts of Polyvore meetups around the world. We hope you had a great time meeting other Polyvore members and chatting about Polyvore.
Cheers to Member Hosted Polyvore Meetups in 2014

Check out some awesome sets from our past meetups:

Let us know if you are interested in hosting your own Polyvore meetup in your area by emailing

The Polyvore Team