Friday, July 10, 2015

New! Trending Page

Dear Polyvore Community, 

Today, we're introducing our new look! We revamped the Explore page (now called “Trending”!) to feature community trends in a bigger, better and much more organized way, making it easier to discover new things you love. 

What’s new? The revamped Trending page features: 
  • Trending Now: Get ahead of the style curve by checking out the top-liked trends from our style community. 
  • What To Wear: Not sure what to wear? See countless outfit ideas for all sorts of occasions. 

  • Look For Less: You’re going to want to jump on these sweet deals ASAP! Find budget-friendly favorites here. 
  • Celeb & Pop Culture: Love what your favorite star is rocking? Get the look with outfits inspired by style icons.
  • Top Brands: Discover the latest from designers you love and easily shop their awesome collections.

  • Community Spotlight: Meet fabulous fellow community members who shine and see what they’re creating.
  • Top Sets: This is the new home of your favorite regular feature, Top Sets (for fashion, beauty and home). See the best creations from our community each day. 
  • Contests: You can now find all open contests here! Create looks to win cool prizes. 

We know it takes some time to get used to change, but we think you'll love the new look. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave comments on this blog post or send us feedback at 

Love, The Polyvore Team

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Coming Soon! iOS App Updates

Update 7/16/2015: The new features are live! Check out the updated editor and color blocks in the Polyvore iPhone app. Download it now. 

Thank you for all your feedback on the iOS Editor! We hear you and want you to know that we’re working on making the app even better!

For starters, here’s a peek at some of the features and updates coming soon on the iOS app:

Editor interaction improvements 
When you browse items in the Editor and decide to use one, your search and your scrolling position will be saved. You’ll know exactly where you left off in your item search.
When the Editor is active on a particular item, the rest of the screen will be disabled. This makes it easier for you to utilize the Editor toolbar. Once you deselect out of an item edit, everything will come back.
Color blocks 
We’re bringing one of your most requested features to the Editor on iOS. You’ll be able to add color blocks to your sets!

Stay tuned for these iOS updates and more!

The Polyvore Team

Quick share to Pinterest is here!

Dear Polyvore Community,

For those of you who love to Pin (who doesn’t?), it’s now 10X easier to share your own creations and favorite items on Pinterest! We worked with the Pinterest team to bring you a simple way to Pin your sets as you publish them and even like-to-Pin gorgeous items to the Pinterest board of your choice.

Quick share to Pinterest is here!

We’ve been testing the new feature with some of our community members and we’ve seen shares to your Pinterest boards jump 132% in just a month! Here’s how to get in on it, too:

1. Connect your Pinterest account in your Polyvore “sharing” settings. 
2. Pick your Pinterest board -- this is where your sets will be Pinned when you publish them. You may change this selection as often as you’d like! 
3. Opt in (just check the box) to automatically Pin all items you like and save on Polyvore.

Try it out NOW on your desktop or iOS app and stay tuned for the feature on Android!

The Polyvore Team

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Introducing the Polyvore Style Insider Program!

Dear Polyvore Community,

Today we’re introducing our brand new Style Insider program, designed for our most active, creative members who express their style on Polyvore daily! Style Insider rewards you for all that you create. More sets equal more perks! 

You could cover Coachella or Fashion Week as our Community Correspondent, go to a Polyvore Meetup or get access to exclusive contests and gifts. Plus, only insiders will get exclusive Polyvore tips and tricks.

Introducing the Polyvore Style Insider Program!

So, how do you become a Style Insider? Here’s the scoop:

Earn a badge Twice a year (January and July), we’ll look at how many sets you’ve created over the previous six-month period. You’ll receive a badge on your profile based on your set creation.

  • Style Spotters have created 2-24 sets, Style Setters have created 25-124 sets and Style Icons have created 125 or more sets.

If you’ve qualified to be a Style Insider, you’ll see a shiny new badge on your profile today. (Yay! Congrats, by the way!) Every Style Insider, no matter the level, gets a monthly Insider Newsletter to get the scoop on what's happening at Polyvore.

Earn perks Each level unlocks your eligibility for new perks. Want to level up for more perks? You can reach the next Style Insider level as soon as you create enough sets. But remember to keep up the creativity and follow our community guidelines! It is possible to lose a level as we check in twice a year (January and July), so keep on creating!

Find out more about the program by visiting the Style Insider page.

The Polyvore Team

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Polyvore Dolce Vita NYC Meetup

On June 9th Polyvore community members @minnieromanovich, @gabrielle-pedriani, @laurencbb, @bubbles-wardrobe, @stylestamped, @rachel-mater, @samikayy76, @stylebydnicole, @bittersweetcolours, @shortyluv718, @neon-fox, @wakeupfarah, @j-n-a, @bella2015, @karinhadadan, @fashionkookoo came to Manhattan, New York for a special meetup event with @ShopDolceVita! Some members came from as far as Chicago and the UK.
Check out photos from our event, which kicked off with an intimate breakfast at the cutest Soho bakery, Maman. This was one of the most treasured moments we had with our members, as we got to hear their individual Polyvore stories.

After breakfast, our members were invited to visit the beautiful Dolce Vita showroom, where they had a fireside chat with Eva Chen, chief creative officer and editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine. @ShopDolceVita also gave us an exclusive look at their new resort collection and Megan Key, creative director, gave us the lowdown on how she designs those amazing shoes.

We finished off the day with a visit to the Polyvore NYC headquarters, where members got a chance to share their feedback and provided a wish list of features.

We want to send a big thank you to the community members who travelled all the way to Manhattan. We are so lucky to have such a loving and kind community. It was our pleasure to meet every one of you!

In addition, we are very grateful to all who helped make this event so special for our members: @ShopDolceVita, MissPopNails, @EvaChen212.

Check out more pictures on Facebook! Want to attend or host a Polyvore meetup? Email us at

the Polyvore Team