Monday, January 21, 2008

Polyvore Groups

As many of you probably already know, we launched the Polyvore Groups feature a few weeks ago, and so far it's been incredibly successful. How successful? Well...

2,407 Groups Created
286 Groups created last week
57 Groups with 100+ members
244 Groups with 100+ sets
992 Members in the top group, "It's All In a Dress"

Here is a set from one of my personal favorite Groups, "*elegant and chic*":

But there are so many great groups on Polyvore. I've found that it's a good way to browse outfits by whatever theme you're interested in - whether you're looking For Love of Vintage, or something to wear on Vacation, or if you're trying to spot Celebrity Look-a-Likes, you're sure to find something you like.

What's new with Groups?
Last week we launched a feature that allows a group's creator to leave the group. This will free up your quota so you can create more groups. Right now the quota is 5 groups per member - we did this because we wanted you to create and take care of a few groups that you really care about. If you leave your group and you are the only member, your group will be deleted. If there are other members in that group, then the moderator position is up for grabs and the first member to click the "Become the moderator" link gets the job!

Our next task with Groups is to add more moderator functionality, so that Group creators have the ability to manage their members.

What do you think of Polyvore Groups? Let us know!


n i l e e y said...

I love the concept of Polyvore! I reckon it's better than tagging the set :)


Laura_Denae said...

I want to be able to send out group messages. I moderate the group "Polyvore Talent Contest" and I would like to send a mass mail to everyone in the group to let them know of when we have a winner.

~*FABULOUS*~ said...

I like the group messages idea, like laura said. And I agree that mods should have more control, like member management, etc.

Claudeia said...

I love groups! There, I found a lot of people who likes the same kind of fashion than me.
Great idea!!

luluca said...

i agree with Laura. But only the fact that we have groups makes me very happy!!!!! Polyvore allways surprise me better!!!!! :)))))


Xoxo said...

omg i luv your site!!

Katie said...

speaking of groups-

you guys should check out my amazing group!

it's a role-play group in which you take on the persona of a private school student with a scandalous, eventful life! it is so much fun! here is a link:

Anonymous said...

like the group idea, but now there are more groups all similar and i don't know to choise in which group put my set!!! need more order

ThGiggleOfACucumber said...

Just wondering, is there a certain amount of followers you need before creating a group? Thanks :)