Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's in Your Bag?

I've always loved those spreads in the magazines where celebrities share with us what they keep in their purses. It's kind of like taking a little peek into their lives, but it's also the very essence of Polyvore. What myriad things are co-existing in your own private purse universe (real or imagined)? What's there because you love it, or because you need it, or even because someone special gave it to you?

Oh, and the purses are always cute too :-) Check out all the "What's in Your Bag" groups on Polyvore.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this on here!!!


j.a.c. said...

I just discovered polyvore this morning while looking for a safari inspired outfit and OH MY GOODNESS. I'm at work and I just cannot get off the site to do the things that I'm paid for! This is wonderful!!! I can't wait to explore more when I get home! Great job guys. This is exactly what I need. =)

luluca said...

hey gorgeous. it´s so nice see some peace here eheheheh. i have one post sugestion. how about put here all sets that wins the contests on Polyvore until now????? i think it will be cool ;))))))
kisses to you all.

Claudeia said...

Congratulations for the new graphics on Polyvore site!! The improovements are really, really great.
And I also submit a new set on "What's in your bag". I enjoy it so much!!!

Sarah said...

You're welcome Teresa! And thanks j.a.c. for the compliments.

Yes, the peace is nice :-) A contest winners post is a good idea - we'll work on something like that!

And thanks Claudeia, we're glad you like our improvements!

Anonymous said...

this is francescanong; lol, I run one of the first what's in your bag groups out there... not the first but the top 5 probably. :]

christina_nc said...

If you're fascinated by what people have in their bags, then check out this cool project called Style & Conscience at:, and go ahead and participate while you're there!