Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shop this Look

From stunning spreads in Lucky Magazine, to perfectly accessorized storefront mannequins, clothing retailers have been enticing us to get the total look for a long time. Now this path to every consumer's heart is finding it's way into the online world, where shopping by look is even easier - because buying the shoes that go perfectly with the purse is just a click away. On, for instance, you can view editorially chosen looks for each season, and buy just a piece of it or add it all to your shopping bag. And you can use's "Find My Look" feature to browse items within pre-selected styles.

But online stores that let you create your own look give everyone the ability to be their own stylist. In November of last year, Polyvore became a part of Republic's online shopping experience with the launch of the Republic Fitting Room. Without much fuss, we seamlessly integrated our technology into their site, giving their customers the same functionality that makes Polyvore so addictive.

Visitors to can now put together their own looks and add anything and everything to their shopping bags, and that's exactly what they're doing. Chris Marshall, E-Commerce manager for Republic, says, "In the run up to Christmas, shoppers who used the Fitting Room converted better and spent more than other shoppers."

We think Polyvore works because it captures your imagination, and makes online shopping exciting and inspiring. And why shouldn't it be? That's why it's our mission to make Polyvore's approach to online shopping not just something that's nice to have, but something you just couldn't imagine shopping without.

If you're interested in adding the Polyvore application to your own retail site, send us an email at "info [at] polvyore [dot] com".


Chani said...

Very interesting that clothing shops want to have the Polyvore application on their websites and that they can benefit from each other. I'm sure Republic is not the last website who will add it because Polyvore has a very promising future. Good luck!

lulucool said...

woooow. this is great!!!! :)))))))))

Misu said...

wowow! so wonderful~