Friday, April 25, 2008

Becoming an Expert Stylist on Polyvore

Here are some top tips for becoming an expert stylist using the Polyvore editor:

  1. New! On the canvas, use the CTRL key to select multiple items at once. Move, resize, flip and flop a bunch of items all at the same time!

  2. New! Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move a selected item in tiny increments and gain fine control over where an item is placed.

  3. Click the "Show Bg" button if you'd like the background of the selected item to appear within your set.

  4. Use specific tags in the search box (such as "pumps" instead of "shoes") and find what you're looking for faster. Add terms like "mens," "baby" or "petite" to narrow your search further.

  5. Search for items that match a specific color using the Color dropdown.

  6. Specify the site you want to search within by using the Site dropdown.

  7. Click "New Tab" to create new tabs for new searches. This way you can have multiple panels with different items accessible at the same time.

  8. Click once on items in the panel to see a larger thumbnail before dragging it to the canvas.

  9. Use the "Center" button to center all the items on the canvas (and get to that far-lying item you may have forgotten was there).

  10. Arrange your items in a mostly square area to avoid things being shrunk once you publish your set.

Got any other tips? Let us (and everyone else) know!


Anonymous said...

I think you should add a undo button :)

stephaniegulley said...

Great tips! I'm definitely going to use them.