Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Improved Search on Polyvore

We just launched a few improvements to our search functionality that should make it even easier to find what you're looking for on Polyvore.

Start at the Top
Start your search at the search box in the Polyvore header. We've made it a bit more prominent so it's easier to find, and now you can use it to refine your searches as well.

Get Specific

In addition to selecting a specific site, you can now use multiple colors and tags in your search. Once you select a color, tag, or site, it will appear in the "Refinements" box. You can keep selecting new colors or tags to narrow your search results further, or if you want more results, click the "Remove" link next your refinements to broaden your search.

Search for Groups

At long last, group search is here! Now you can easily search and browse through groups just as you did with sets and items. With group search, you can discover many sets that match a specific theme, as well as some new Polyvore friends to connect with.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or sending us an email at feedback [at] polyvore [dot] com. And happy searching!


Madison said...

This new group setting seems alot handier, but I still think that an important feature missing. The ability to delete a group you created would be very helpful, because I've seen countless abandoned groups on Polyvore.

jade from california. said...

I am excited to try out the new features, however I think one feature is missing that many polyvorians could appreciate. An easier way to search through items that you all ready clipped and saved. I have over 150 pages of items, being the little organizing nazi I am--each item is tagged for detailed--by material, color, designer, type of item, etc. Because of this, it takes forever for me to scroll through the tags and find something I want. It would great to have the ability just to simply type in: black bags---and all my items that are tagged 'black' and 'bags' would come up. I hope this makes sense and you will take my idea into consideration. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jade!

Amy said...

Jade has it down pact! I was just talking about that w/ someone! We were talking about how many pages we have to go thru when making a set. We love polyvore! We love making sets, we just need some way to organize our current items. I end up leaving out so many cool items cause they are too far in the beginning. Oh and one more thing. When u are making a set, and u decide u need something, and u go to search for an item (with the toolbar), when u come back to ur set, everything shrinks! It takes forever to resize it all. I think it would be fantastic if that didn't happen. :) Thanks soo much! We love ur site! <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I also agree with Jade and Madison!


Miss Yujin said...

Rock on, Jade B)

Can we search for specific users?
That would be extremely handy.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your feedback - user search, collection search and better group tools are all on the list. Thank you!

PinkBlackGreen said...

Here here, USER SEARCH! We demand user search.

lulucool said...

well, i´m with Jade forever!!!!
but i am soooo very happy with the news that im feeling
tremendously pleased,at least for now ahahahha. then i came just to say that you are awesome people..... claps to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

great feature!!

Phrannest said...

Hi there! I love Polyvore! Here's a question about searching for items. . . it's great that you can add multiple tags and colors, but is there a way to EXCLUDE multiple search terms? For instance if I'm searching for "stars" and don't want to see every "Dancing with the Stars" and "Twilight Premiere" result, can I remove both "Dancing" and "Twilight" from the search? I've tried stars -dancing, which ADDS dancing to the terms. I've also tried stars AND NOT dancing, which seems to work (?). But stars -dancing -twilight does nothing, and stars AND NOT dancing OR twilight doesn't work either. . . Halp! Thanks so much for all you do, --Francesca

Anonymous said...

I'm a new user, and I'm just creating my first set now. I have a question there a way to delete tags you're no longer using? I assumed a long list would simply scroll upward when I got to the end (so I could see any tags beginning with S-Z), but that's not happening. As a result, my sunglasses-tagged items don't display in my tags list when I'm looking for items! I'm going to do a little regrouping here, but weeding out the tags I'm no longer using would be FABULOUS. :-)