Friday, April 4, 2008

Punk Prom

I think my mom would have freaked out if I tried to wear sneakers with my prom dress... but I guess that was like, ten years ago : )

For more on this trend, check out Party Frocks with Sneakers.

But if Converse isn't quite your style, The Budget Fashionista has some recommendations for more traditional Prom 2008 Shoes.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Sarah! I have a question for you today: will my badges ever change?


Sarah said...

It should! Send me a link to your blog at feedback [at] polyvore [dot] com and we'll check it out for you : )

Anonymous said...

i don't really see converse with dresses working but i see alot of it now and my friends says she does it... :/

Anonymous said...

everything that's old is new again. as child of the 80's, those of us on the dark side quite often wore chucks or doc's with our pretty dresses. of course, that was before anyone had to tell us it was stylish.

Yzahe Jelle said...

These outfits are so cute. I like the black polka dots dress. It's so rocker chic with the Chucks.

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