Monday, June 30, 2008

Be A Fashion Statement

Be a fashion statement -- wear clothes that speak up for what you believe in.

Vote for Change

Hope is the New Black

Make Art, Not War


Save the Whales

Support the World Wildlife Fund

Support Skin Cancer Research -- "Protect the Skin You're In" campaign by Marc Jacobs


orominuialwen said...

It would be nice if you included conservative "statements" as well as liberal ones. There is no reason why Polyvore shouldn't be of interest to those possessing all political viewpoints, so why exclude so many people? It would be a shame to assume that all of your users are automatically Obama supporters and thereby alienate those who aren't.

Sarah Cooper said...

Awesome collection Jess!

Betsy said...

I must agree with orominuialwen. conservatives and other partys are totally alienated by everyone. on top of that,our belief sets are attacked.alot.not anything against liberals,but they tend to attack us,and then they go and make sets mocking bush and pushing obama in our faces.I love polyvore,but I am so sick of having to deal with politics all the time.I think I could deal with obama sets themselves,but I hate then they feel the need to mock conservatives.Polyvore is for expressing ones self,yes,but not for being nasty about someone you dislike or who's views you do not share.and on this blog,all poltical sets you've fetured puch dems. there are others.just so you know.;)

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