Friday, June 20, 2008

Breezy Summer Dresses

Today is Summer Soltice, the first official day of the summer! The best way to stay cool but chic is to wear a breezy summer dresses. Here are a few great summer dresses chosen by Polyvore members.

Pinstriped tube dress from Forever 21

Graphic print trapeze dress from TopShop

Chloe pleated dress from Net-a-Porter

Colorblock bubble dress from Forever 21


Anonymous said...

I am having major problems with Polyvore right now, could you please help? Some sets (that I know are there) are saying "this set was not found" and my mailbox keeps getting messed up! I know I am not the only one having these issues, there are at least 7 of us with these problems, please help us!!!

Anonymous said...

this happened to me too, but it got fixed. just click on "home" and then click on "my profile" again. if that doesn't work, just don't log on for a while. when you log back in, then it'll hopefully be back to normal.

those are awesome sets, btw!!!

Anonymous said...

this happened to me too, but mine got fixed. click on "my profile". then click on "home". ten, click on "my profile" again. do this 3 times. if that doesn't work, then you can log off for a while and then log back in, and hopefully, it'll be back to normal.

I LOVE those sets btw.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wrote the first comment on this set and I just wanted to tell you that the next day, it was working fine agian! Thanks for creating an amazing site!