Friday, June 27, 2008

Celebrity Look contest winners

Thank you to everyone who entered our Celebrity Look Contest. There were a whopping 2678 entries, so it was really hard to judge! We finally managed to pick our 12 top sets and here they are. Congratulations to the winners!

1) Dress Like Megan Fox by Jasna2

2) Dress Like Agyness Deyn by stylebubble

3) Dress Like Carrie Bradshaw by Marija Gr.

4) Dress Like Hillary Duff by pinkhipmommy

5) Dress Like Roxanne McKee by ♥Sarah♥

6) Dress Like Gwen Stefani by Laurae

7) Dress Like Jennifer Lopez by usne vrele višnje

8) Dress Like Hayden Panettiere by sunnydays (aka Meg)

9) Dress Like Sienna Miller by nat26

10) Dress Like Nicole Kidman by Mazu

11) Dress Like Hayden Panettiere by anna_sweetheart

12) Dress Like A Gossip Girl by LiveLaughLovex13 <3!


Anonymous said...

thoose are amazing

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Anonymous said...

some Miley/Hannah sets should be there!