Monday, June 9, 2008

Thanks for blogging about Polyvore!

Here at Polyvore, we love scanning the blogosphere to see what people are saying about the site. If you've written about us, told your friends about us, or have embedded Polyvore sets on your blog, thank you!

Morgan from BrightestYoungThings made us laugh out loud with this clever, geeky description of Polyvore:

"At its core, Polyvore is World of Warcraft for the fashion set - a magical place where “skill” is measured in personal aesthetic and your closet knows no bounds...You are Cher Horowitz [from the movie Clueless] using the computer to get dressed, and don’t even try to tell me that is not your eighth-grade dream realized."

Danz from Fatal Attraction 2 Fashion writes about no longer being a "Polyvorgin":

"Before I went on Polyvore, I had the impression that it was just a styling program but I soon realized that it allows much more freedom to experiment and be creative. With a huge variety of images to choose from and a tool to import your own, creating these collages (or sets as they're called) is very simple and easy."

Simon Newstead from Fashion Tech Trends kindly included Polyvore in his roundup of the 5 best fashion 2.0 startups:

"Creativity and simplicity come together in Polyvore a fresh, addictive mix-and-match style community...Done right, they have the potential to break out and become a top-tier fashion destinations on the web, alongside the big media players."

Ben Barren from RSS Down Under also did a nice writeup on Polyvore:

"Sites like Polyvore are really perfect examples of Web 2.0 : Low cost operations with sub 10 employees but vhigh quality management team ex google maps/yahoo pipes; Lightweight compared to heavy Photoshop software and totally new experience like twitter is new vs blogger/pyralabs; Market leader, first to market, strong viral uptake; Heavy on remix features and builds value as more items/outfits are added as more users participate; Very viral and strong word of mouth in clear demographic; Good economics in that its a tool for fashion, ecommerce, good CPM's, CPC, range of business models; Range of potential acquirers from the Conde Nast publishing/female media market to Amazon/IAC-ecommerce types to the classic Web2 Yahoo/Goog type exit." --

We're also delighted that some of our favorite fashion blogs like Omiru: Style for All and SheFinds are using Polyvore sets in their posts.

Thanks to everyone for writing about Polyvore! If you want to embed a Polyvore set on your blog, click the "Embed this set" link on the right side of the set page, and copy & paste the embed code into your blog.

You can also add a customized Polyvore badge to your blog by going to your Polyvore profile and clicking the "Add Polyvore to my blog" link. The colors in your badge will match the colors in your most recent sets or items, and the badge will link to your profile.

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Danz said...

You're welcome! Polyvore is great :) Thanks a lot for the mention!