Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CharlotteRusse.com Virtual Dressing Room, Powered by Polyvore

CharlotteRusse.com recently launched a virtual dressing room, powered by Polyvore. The virtual dressing room provides the same functionality as the Polyvore.com editor. You can mix and match clothing and accessories from Charlotte Russe to create outfits and save them to your Polyvore account.

Other retailers using the Polyvore editor on their websites include Republic, a UK retailer with over 80 store locations, and interior design store Decorati.

If you're an online retailer, adding the Polyvore editor to your website is a great way to let your customers visualize how your products will look together. It gets people to interact with your products in a fun & engaging way, encourages them to purchase multiple items, and makes them spend more time on your site.

It's also easy to set up. Just send us a data feed of your products, and we'll provide you with a customizable widget and a snippet of HTML code to drop into your webpage.

If you're wondering whether the Polyvore editor will work well for your site, here are a few things we've learned from previous integrations.

The Polyvore widget tends to work best for sites that have product photos with a plain background. Fancy backgrounds, mannequins, and models tend not to work very well in collages. A plain white background is ideal.

It's also best if your site includes several different categories of clothing (e.g. tops and bottoms), enough for people to make a complete outfit. We've found that most people don't enjoy making collages consisting of only one kind of item, such as a collage made entirely of necklaces.

If you're an online retailer and are interested in adding Polyvore functionality to your site, let us know!


Simon from VR Fashion blog said...

This is a cool function! Why not get your great mix and match editor to other sites, makes a lot of sense.

How about those that are not online retailers, can you still embed that function on your site and have your items up there even if they are not for sale..

eg- an image mix and match tool powered by polyvore

prom dresses said...

The virtual dressing room gives you the freedom to see your outfit of choice by pairing them.

seo reseller said...

That's a really cool feature. It would be a waste if people don't get to see it, so you should invest in some SEO.

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What can I say? Wow! That's pretty awesome. This application will be a big help to many people especially fashion designers and artist who are fond of using the internet to design their own work of arts.

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This is like a dress-up game online for big girls, and of course, fashion enthusiasts. It's not only fun but it's a great way of sharing insights on the latest fashion trends and different looks.

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