Thursday, July 17, 2008

Menswear Makeover Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to our Menswear Makeover contest! There were over 1900 entries in total.

We judged the entries using 3 criteria:
1) Stylishness (How fashionable is this set? how well do the items match?)
2) Layout (Is the set well-made?)
3) Practicality (Would a real man actually wear this? -- judged by the men on the Polyvore team)

Here are the 12 winners. All the winners will be featured on the Polyvore homepage, and the top 3 will also receive $200 gift certificates from


Harpweaver said...

Congrats all:) I really enjoyed these entries; menswear is definitely something that is hard for me;D

Anonymous said...

Well then you guys don't have such great style...

Angelina Beach said...

The sneakers,faded jeans and black jacket combination appeals to the young rugged yuppies. A fashion statement of being serious while being not so constrained with formalities.

Bettie C. Shaw said...

That blouse by Dolce & Gabbana is fabulous! I love the animal print design and the black pumps as well.