Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Not sure what to wear to a summer wedding? Here are a few outfit ideas from the Polyvore community.

Pink is a good wedding color, but skip the white shoes if the wedding is outdoors.

If the wedding is taking place on grass, wear flats unless you want your stilettos to aerate the lawn.

Colorwise, we recommend bright, cheerful hues like orange.

Floral prints are also a safe bet.

Traditionalists say to avoid wearing black, but it's becoming more and more acceptable these days.

If the wedding is a more casual affair, a wrap dress will work.

If you don't own anything formal, you can make a casual dress more glam by piling on chic accessories.


Anonymous said...

What about black? I'm gonna put on a black dress on a weeding ;) meg

nookie said...

aww the first set is mine:x:x:x

Anonymous said...

okay, i *so* love the casual and wrap dresses. *so me!!!!!* but seriously, you people should add that there is *no* wearing white to a wedding. um, unless you're the bride, no duh.

Sophia said...

The orange one is mine ! i'm so happyyyyy

mike said...

nice summer collection specially orange.
wedding wear

Raghu Pandey said...
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halwits said...
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