Monday, August 4, 2008

Are Shorts Appropriate for the Office?

Is it appropriate to wear shorts to the office? Clearly Daisy Dukes and tattered cut-offs are not okay, but what about nice, tailored shorts that hit mid-thigh?

Would you wear any of these outfits to work?


Jillian said...

It would depend on where exactly you were working, and their policies, etc. If it is allowed, then go ahead and wear those shorts! :) Maybe not too short ;)

Feefs said...

I think shorts are perfectly acceptible for work as long as they are lond enough and not too casual. A nice tailor is necessary. I especially love pinstripe and metallic shorts for work. =)

Simon from VR Fashion blog said...

In a word, Yes! I'm looking around the office right now and at least half are in shorts.

Although the office vibe is pretty laid back and it's also hot n muggy in Hong Kong these days :)

Anonymous said...

i think that it depends on your job. The outfits that were put together look appropriate but make sure that the shorts are not too short. also, the shorts would also work if they looked like a skirt. :]