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Interview with lovemejessy

Up and coming Polyvore member lovemejessy is an 18-year-old aspiring stylist living in Australia. Her sets have a uniquely quirky and eclectic feel. Much like the Olsen twins, who are masters of mixing unexpected pieces together, she effortlessly combines patterns & prints with luxurious textures like feather, fur, and fringe. Another recognizable trademark of lovemejessy's is that she always incorporates text into her sets. Sometimes she emblazons her sets with slogans, lyrics or poems, and she always uses clever titles and descriptions.

you reduce me to fairies with your falsetto melodies

Take a photograph of you and me

never ever think you can outsmart the fox...

Tell us about yourself.

I'm known more for my nicknames than my formal name Jessica, so I pretty much go by Jessy. I live in Sydney, Australia and am currently (and thankfully) finishing my final term of high school. I was born in Australia but lived in America for seven years before returning here nearly five years ago.

Only recently (in the past couple of years) I decided that I would love to pursue fashion as a career and am hoping to get into a Fashion and Textiles degree at university and become a fashion buyer, stylist or journalist. I'm also passionate about non-profit organisations such as Oxfam and try my best to advocate fair trade.

Describe your sense of style/fashion.

Um.. I'll say chaotic and a bit silly. I really love anything home-made -- beaded and embroidered blazers, acid wash jeans with military patches and ribbons... but I think that's more because of my lack of ample finances than any flow of creativity! I try my hardest not to follow trends because I think it destroys originality and creativity but of course I draw inspiration from what Vogue and Harper's says is "in".

So I guess if I had to put a label on my style it would be a odd mixture of eclectic, feminine, tomboyish, bohemian pieces. Essentially a weird science experiment involving David Bowie (leather), an Olsen twin (feathers), a few wild animals (fur.. always try for faux!) and Mrs. Battersby's scones (literally).

How did you discover Polyvore?

I'm racking my brain.. it seems so long ago! I think it was through a Livejournal community revolving around re-creating and posting celebrity outfits. I thought it was the most incredible thing and still can't imagine what I would do with my time without Polyvore!

Tell us a little about what you use Polyvore for and why.

Thankfully, I've since moved on from basic celebrity sets and no longer recreate what Fergie wore to the grocery store (though I do admire the accuracy and natural flair for the re-creation sets among other Polyvorians!)

Polyvore is my creative outlet, which I truly think all people need to relieve stress in their lives. Basically, I use it for fun and always get a great sense of satisfaction seeing other people's compliments or criticisms of my sets. It's a great way to see how you have evolved stylistically over time (looking back on my old sets merits a cringe) but better still, I adore seeing other peoples' sets and how other people interpret the same pieces I have used in their own way. It just proves how everyone being different provides for a much more interesting world. '

Oh and of course I enjoy seeing all the great new items imported.. I always get a kick (pun unintended) out of the fantastic and outrageous new shoes!

How much time do you spend on Polyvore per week?

I'm so afraid of that answer I refuse to admit it!

Describe your set creation process. Where do you get inspiration for your sets? How do you pick a theme? How do you find your items?

My creation process is different every time. Sometimes I start with a word or phrase (for example.. "discover") then I might add in a bunch of items in complimentary colours but varying textures and prints together that remind me of something you might come across on an adventure (sorry that sounds cheesy!). When I eventually narrow it down (which can be hard since I'm so indecisive!) I'll add in quirky cartoons, fashion editorials, photographs etc.

I'm really inspired by anything and everything - from fashion designers like Prada, Balenciaga, Sass & Bide and Fendi to my latest obsession over Coldplay and Travis (I'm embarrassingly renowned for it and might be the culprit of spreading the plague that is Chris Martin) as well as Scottish poetry.

I think I'd be completely hopeless if it wasn't for the encouragement and inspiration I draw from the friends I've made on Polyvore and especially my best friend edie (who I really think should be doing this interview instead of me... her sets are much better really). I'm the absolute worst but most enthusiastic plagiarist at times so I will nick a few items from sets I love but mostly I love importing my own from all over the web, not just online fashion stores.

What are your 3 favorite sets of the ones you've made?

Oh what a horrible question! I really don't know.. I'm sure a lot of them are complete rubbish (I'd say at least 18 of my 20 pages worth) but at the risk of sounding pretentious I might just say the 3 I enjoyed creating the most. Is that okay?

1) This set didn't take long to do because it just seemed really natural for me. It was for a group contest where you had to include a favourite cd, your favourite food, etc so it was just great to put all my favourite things together and get a good response from it! Actually, I just liked it because I could put Weetbix in it. I think I can openly say that not many sets have an advertisement for high-fibre breakfast cereal biscuits.

2) Most of my sets are a just a bit of fun... I once did a set based on a cartoon cinnamon roll. But sometimes I like to venture outside the realms of fast food and pretty models so a lot of my recent sets are revolved around more serious matters like death and self-exploration. Maybe it's just growing up a bit? This set is about war.. the French Revolution as well as the conflicts in Northern Ireland in the recent past. It took me a long time to do, simply because it revolves around cultural issues and religion which can be very subjective. This is also where my obsession with the art of Frida Kahlo came in.. introduced by the artwork and rag-tag military uniforms of Coldplay 's (I know, I know..) album Viva La Vida. It's a stab at authority essentially and I think it's a little bit relative to all of us.. whether it's your parents you feel a bit cranky with or your boss who just fired you. Whether that all came across in this set I have NO idea but it was just great to make really!

3) I think I would be doing my fellow Polyvore friends a disservice if I didn't include one of my Olsen sets. Most of the reason why I include them is simply because I find them incredibly "fashionable" in the sense that they wear what they like and don't apologize for it. I find their confidence (especially Mary-Kate's) admirable as well as inspirational (maybe it's the self-deprecating Aussie in me). Anyone who can make wearing a top without any bottoms a phenomenon has my vote. So yes, this set was just really fun to make. I love the illustrations and little doodles in it and the colours just reminded me of Prague or something so I couldn't help writing a little poem to describe the set.

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

Absolutely not. If Polyvore was any greater it would need a huge metaphorical dome to store all of its greatness. I absolutely adore it. But I'd like to thank and apologise to Jess Lee for this interview. If it's rubbish I still stand by my recommendation to ask edie!

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