Thursday, August 7, 2008

Interview with trendsyndicate

trendsyndicate was one of the first people to start using Polyvore for artistic collages. She's the moderator of two of Polyvore's largest art groups -- Portrait Gallery and Art for Art's Sake -- and is famous for crafting gorgeous, oil painting-like portraits out of flowers, textures, and various scrapbooking materials. One of her sets, secret thoughts, received 1st place in the LimeLife Mobile Runway Contest, winning her a $1299 Apple MacBook.

secret thoughts

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Trish Moreno. I live in Los Angeles, and work as a brand consultant in the fashion and furniture industries. I currently am creating a “store of the future” concept for the bebe brand, am working on creating a t-shirt line, and am always working with residential interiors clients. I am also a commissioned fine artist. You can view more of my work at

How did you discover Polyvore?

I constantly read all the trend reports and youth culture blogs and it came to my inbox via the trendcentral newsletter. I became instantly addicted to creating art with the technology, which wasn’t really how the application was intended. There were only a few of us doing it at the time. I created two groups: Portrait Gallery and Art for Art's Sake, which have encouraged others to use Polyvore to create digital art collages. Early on I bonded with another Polyvore artist, codejack and we found out we lived near each other, met for coffee, and she told me she had written the trendcentral article about Polyvore. How cool is that?

Where do you get inspiration for your sets?

I am inspired by everything I see, good and bad. If I see rust dripping on a white stucco wall, I photograph it. I find inspiration in words/thoughts/emotions. I find it in a fabric, a wallpaper swatch, a piece of furniture. I see a lot of images, so I am particularly inspired when I see something I haven’t seen before. I am profoundly inspired by faces, and have spent a lot of my career establishing my own sensibilities about beauty and trying to express that through portraiture, fashion advertising, and interiors.

What are your 3 favorite sets of the ones you've made?

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

Yes, I am dying for a private items feature so we can load some images that can’t be extracted by other users. I also wish the resolution of the finished image was better so the collages could be printed and blown up. You can do Polyvore-style collages in Photoshop, and I have, but the technology is comparatively old school for collaging. Polyvore has spoiled me! Also, I would love to be able to sort my sets so I could feature “stories” or whatever sets I want at the front of my profile page. This would allow users to refresh the sequence of their sets anytime. Wouldn’t that be cool?


fashionistax3 said...

I like that idea about groupings, as sets are on flickr. You could have a fashion set, where all your outfit sets would go, an art set, where all your creations would go, etc.

overture said...

I totally agree about grouping. Item grouping would be very helpful as well so we can put items of a kind together. I know there's the whole tagging thing but Im too lazy to tag sometimes, haha.

little parisienne said...

her requests are really good, i also wish that!!

Anonymous said...

As usual, you are amazing.