Monday, August 25, 2008

Sets That Look Like Photographs

Some of Polyvore's members have the unique ability to create perfectly seamless sets that approximate photographs. The process involves carefully selecting items that blend well, then painstakingly layering them on top of each other until the final picture is complete. Phoebe Juliet, who we recently interviewed, is a perfect example of someone who uses this technique. There are many others though, and we wanted to share their work with you here. If you know of other up-and-coming stars, let us know by leaving links to their profile pages in the comments!


Rosae ♥





La Sorcière


Phoebe Juliet


Anonymous said...

Here are some -

Anonymous said...

here are some more....
look at all the items used to create these by this gifted artist!

nona_279 said...

It's very non professional to always chose the sets from people that you may know! Explore a little...there are much MORE talented people here :-D

Slagonfly said...

It's very UNprofessional to use bad grammar.

memorykeeper said...

I love everyone of these artists that have their photographic sets featured. They are amazing! The others are correct also, there are many other very talented artists on Polyvore with that style of sets. I also realize it would be difficult to find them all and feature all of them.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Polyvore had some sort of official art contest, or did more to showcase the poly-artists. I realize that this is not the main point of Polyvore, but the fact is there are many of us who use the site for this purpose. An official contest would be fun and challenging :)