Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tokyo Street Style contest winners

Here are the 12 winners of the Tokyo Street Style contest, as chosen by votes from the Polvyore community. Thank you to everyone who entered! There were over 2200 entries, many of which we'll be using to seed the brand new Polyvore Japan site.

1st: Phoebe Juliet

2nd: yelly♥

3rd: simplyirresistible


5th: ducktape

6th: *Sara*

7th: yoomyoom

8th: arta

9th: Grace Oon

10th: Fashion Guru 52

11th: JO

12th: brit brit


Starz said...

I'm glad that they won but i know that most people are getting tired of the same people winning & i know for a fact that there were some sets that needed to be recognized for there work so i hope you take this into consideration.

Grace Oon said...

Thanks for making me a winner. first time winning an official Polyvore contest :)

elen loves chanel said...

i can't find out how to take part in any of the polyvore's contests. Nothing seems to work when i'm clicking on submit a set.....HELP??

Jackie said...

Thank you so much for choosing mine [or well, I guess the public did.] I'm really floored. And, a response to starz, I want to say this /is/ my first contest win...

Akaya said...

Worthy winners, all of them, I think. Yet I find it very hard to pick like twelve favorites among 2000-5000 sets. Maybe some contests should have two or more rounds, first selecting the 100 or 200 most popular sets by simple voting (1 vote per person)and then picking the winner among these sets? Just a suggestion. :)