Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What to Wear to the Beach

Our What to Wear to the Beach contest drew a record-breaking 5399 entries, making it Polyvore's most popular contest ever! Here are the 12 winners, as judged by votes from the Polyvore user community. Congratulations to the winners.

1st: TuTiM

2nd: sunnydays (aka Meg)

3rd: diamond girl

4th: Van Ark

5th: pdeveraux

6th: yelly♥

7th: cmnvolleyball

8th: .:Dora:.✿


10th: daydreamed

11th: Orangurple

12th: MichelleMyBelle


Anonymous said...

aww darn. :( oh well. ill just have to try again next time!

Anonymous said...

Um, the one that one first place doesn't have a bathing suit...

heystephanie said...

I love your contests and can't wait to participate in the next one. Over 5300 entries, that's amazing! :]

Anonymous said...

some of them just don't look like 'what to wear to the beach' theme.

Anonymous said...

I dont think you should have had "open voting" because there were so many entries and some,. I know, didnt want to go through all the entries.

Monica said...

i love the 1st winner's set, it's amazingly beautiful, and congratulations to everybody who won.

i have to point out though, that as much as i like the sunnydays (aka Meg)'s set because it looks very artistic in the layout, i don't think heels are appropriate as a beach wear. we all know that heels do get stuck in the sand. even if it's stony beach, they do get stuck in between the stones too. i know you can choose to go barefoot then, but it defeats the purpose of having it as part of the outfit.

Anonymous said...

exacly you are right! browsin 110 pages of entries is too much! so you should consider some othe forms of votig in such cases.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a couple people here and I think there should be a better system for looking through the sets when it is open voting. There were just too many entries to go through 100+ pages in that manner. Also, in the contest guidelines it did say any bathing suit/swimsuit could be in the set and some of the winning sets do not even have a swimsuit in them at all. Though I love most of the winning sets (and one I actually voted for placed), I think there were others that suited the contest's theme much better.

Anonymous said...

i think it would be a good idea for polyvore team to go throug all the sets and disqualify those which don't fit to the contest theme.