Friday, August 22, 2008

What to Wear with Purple

Today we have another post from guest blogger Bryn Taylor. Bryn writes regularly about fashion steals and deals on the SheFinds blog, and was formerly a costume designer and stylist for magazines, runway, and film. (Please note that this post appeared on SheFinds first)


Although my hands-down favorite color is black (isn't that technically all the colors?) I am trying to broaden my horizons and venture into brighter territory- purple being my safest baby step. With this royal hue popping up everywhere this season, it's imperative to wear it just right. Unlike the safer colors, like grey and black, purple can be tricky to pull off. So here's what we suggest you do.

Remember, purple is a cool color, so the other components of your outfit should work to brighten the look. Toss a crisp white cropped blazer over a plum frock. The white will complement the darkness of the dress. Choose gold jewelry over silver, as this is the warmer of the two. A pendant necklace stays on trend and pops against the rich background. Choose a classic brown or tan bag - and leave the black or patent candy clutch at home. Finally, opt for a shoe that will allow your purple eye candy to take center stage. These python sandals may not seem like the first choice as wallflower footwear, but they are actually quite versatile and can be paired with a number of ensembles while still adding texture and personality to your look.

Twenty8Twelve Tuxedo Jacket, $302

Freedome Pendant Necklace, $122.50, was $175


Buti Doctor Handbag, $745

Python Asymmetric Sandals, $630, were $900

We welcome all of our readers to join the SheFinds Group and create your own sets, letting us know what you'd match up with your favorite shade of purple.


Anonymous said...

Whats with the intense advertising on SheFinds? HAHA

Mer said...

love it!!!

Jillian said...

Very nice suggestions. Anything to keep you from looking like Barney the dinosaur is a must. I too, love purple, and love adding touches of my favorite dreamy, relaxing color here and there.

cutxpaste said...

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Anonymous said...

That's WAY too expensive for something that boring.