Friday, August 15, 2008

What To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans

This post is by guest blogger Bryn Taylor from SheFinds. Bryn writes regularly about fashion steals and deals on SheFinds, and was formerly a costume designer and stylist for magazines, runway, and film. (Please note that this post appeared on SheFinds first)


Wide leg jeans can be like your best frenemy: you keep them close by because they appear so personable and chic from afar, but if you're not careful, this denim can destroy your whole look. But this doesn't mean you should shy away from wide leg jeans altogether. They are a flattering, trendy alternative to the skinny jean - as long as they are worn correctly. First and foremost, buy the right size! Make sure they are not too tight in the thighs or butt, and that the waist doesn't fall too low- it should go higher than a low-rise jean. Also pay attention to the length. Choosing a jean that is too short will stump you and make the whole operation look silly. Now onto the rest of the outfit.

Since the smallest part of the jeans is the waist, opt for a fitted blouse that you can tuck in. Then wrap a classic belt around your mid-section in a neutral brown or black. Depending on the length of the jeans (you'll want them to almost graze the floor) choose a pair of fun, high shoes for longer length, or simple flats for shorter jeans. Then top off the ensemble with a chic pair of shades and a day tote in a complementary beige. Your outfit will be simple, tailored, and incredibly flattering.


Rebecca Taylor Vince Print Blouse ($153.75, was $205)


Beige Leather Muse Two Medium Tote ($1396, was $1745)

Michael Kors Oversized Sunglasses ($225)


Michael Kors Mod Leather Belt ($206.25, was $275)

Platform Sandals by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti ($248, were $496)

You can also view this set right now on Polyvore, where we welcome all of our readers to join the SheFinds Group and create your own sets, letting us know what you'd match up with your favorite pair of wide leg jeans.


Anonymous said...
^check out my set. This is how I would wear wide-leg jeans. :) Blouses and belts are cool, too, though.

lovelierlala said...

great post, very chic and elegant. I also love how the shoes are not brown/beige, but complement the white of the blouse.

Betsy said...

dude LOVE THE TEXT FEATURE! keep it up!

sophia said...
let me know what you think of my what to wear with wide leg set!

Jillian said...

I love wearing wide leg jeans. Great tips! Thank you.