Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who Would Kick Ass? Polyvore vs. Iliketotallyloveit

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Who do I think would kick ass?
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We just found out today that someone put Polyvore up against Iliketotallyloveit.com in a matchup on WhoWouldKickAss.com. You can vote for the winner here.


Malte said...

And it wasn't anyone from the iliketotallyloveit camp :-)

Anonymous said...

I've never even heard of liketotallyloveit.com, I voted for Polyvore!

n i l e e y said...

of course i vote for Polyvore!

Feefs said...

Polyvore, duh, liketotallyloveit sounds really confusng and boring.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Polyvore.
It`s my fav website and I liketotallyloveit is a very boring site!:(