Friday, September 26, 2008

What To Wear With Lace

This post is by guest blogger Bryn Taylor from SheFinds. Bryn writes regularly about fashion steals and deals on SheFinds, and was formerly a costume designer and stylist for magazines, runway, and film. (Please note that this post appeared on SheFinds first)


Seen most recently on the Emmys' red carpet, lace is one huge trend this fall. From dresses to blouses to the occasional frilly coat, the fabric formerly reserved for petticoats and lampshade trim is having its moment as the fashion it-kid. But how does one wear it without looking dated?

A black lace dress is pretty much a no-fail way to pull off the trend. The key to creating a modern look is to pair with modern accessories. A powerful cocktail ring and eclectic necklace will mix well with the old-fashioned lace. Slip on some black tights, and masculine black boots to rough up the dress. A simple, unfrilly black clutch will complement your accessories. And finally, opt for a bright overcoat that stands out against the black.


Miu Miu Princess Coat, $1320

Black Shell Minaudiere, $400


Black Agate Square Necklace, $175

Quartz Star Ring, $340

Darbey Boots, $300

You can also view this set right now on Polyvore where we welcome all of our readers to join the SheFinds Group and create your own sets, letting us know what you'd wear pair with this fall's lace.


Anonymous said...

Eww its ugly no offense

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I wish you guys would stop being lazy with fridays and feature something else. Something more creative then these boring sets. You guys work so hard all week and show us all the awesome stuff all over polyvore, fridays are dissapointing.