Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guest Blog: From Runway to Sidewalk

This guest post was written by newly addicted Polyvorian, elizabeth says relax. She recently joined Polyvore and created a blog which incorporates Polyvore members she'd like to spotlight, as well as her own fashion commentaries and sets. Be sure to check out her blog: elizabeth says relax.

So many people tend to think that what the designers send down the runway is absolutely ludicrous and will never be worn out in "the real world". But, I am here to prove those people wrong today! Most of the things we see come down the runway will affect the styles, looks, and trends of the season. Think about it this way. Those people who go to the fashion shows during fashion week, they want a show! Most of the audience is made up of buyers, who the designers need to impress or they will be out of a job! The designers need to wow, impress, and make the buyers remember THEIR show by the end of the day. That's why most of the outfits that come down the runway look so outrageous and ridiculous. Here are some sets that I've made that show you that those "ludicrous outfits" can be made into everyday wear.

Most of these looks do not have to be exact. You can give it your own twist and style. Add another color or texture to the mix, change the shoes, change the handbag, whatever! It is up to you to make these "ridiculous" looks into everyday wear. Who ever said that style would be easy? ;]


Anonymous said...

Well you still can't do it. They are not the same pieces. But if you talking about the style I guess you can.

♥ nadiya said...

i think the pieces you picked are perfect and very appropriate in the 'real world' nice job!

elizabeth says relax. said...

thanks nadiya!!!

Anonymous said...

The versions you selected from the catwalk were really tame. They were probably the least "outrageous" garments I've seen in a fashion show. It's a cool idea, I think they do it in Seventeen or something, but you should have chosen something you really could not wear on the street.