Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Costume #12: Election 2008

Get into the spirit of the presidential election by dressing up as someone from your favorite ticket!

Barack Obama usually wears a plain white button-down shirt, black pants, and a tie. The look is pretty simple, so make sure to wear a Barack button or a Barack mask to make it clear who you are.

IT'S OBAMA TIME! {Dress like Obama} by •●•Nαξξmα•●• Happy Ramadan♡

John McCain doesn't have much of a signature look other than a dark suit, so we recommend buying a John McCain mask. You can get one for $14.99 at PartyCity.

John McCain Halloween Costume by oliphant

The key elements of a Sarah Palin costume are obviously the glasses and matronly updo. Throw on a brightly colored blazer over a dark skirt, and you're done!

YES PLEASE by emi[☮] Sarah Palin? Yes, please!

Cindy McCain usually sports a blazer-skirt combination in red, white, and blue. Add lot of pearls and a blond updo.

Cindy McCain by 40isthenewblack

Michelle Obama tends to wear classic A-line dresses in bright colors, cinched with a wide belt.

It's time for a REAL president {dress like the Obama's} by •●•Nαξξmα•●• Happy Ramadan♡

Or, if you can find the black & white print dress Michelle Obama wore on The View (it sold out immediately after the show aired), that's a little more recognizable.

Dress like Michelle Obama by Buster Brown (buried in work)


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These are wonderful sets celebrating the upcoming election. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of hateful, offensive and racist election content lurking on Polyvore. Some of these sets have been reported, so surely you've seen them? How do these sets not violate your community guideline rules pertaining to hateful and racist content? Honestly, I've been spending less time on Polyvore because of this situation. I simply cannot justify participating in a community that allows such hateful and irresponsible material to exist for impressionable young eyes to see :(

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