Friday, October 17, 2008

What To Wear With Flat Boots

This post is by guest blogger Bryn Taylor from SheFinds. SheFinds studies the trends and surfs the web for the best items and online shopping deals for the busy working woman.(Please note that this post appeared on SheFinds first)


Flat boots are the perfect combination of comfort and style, and this season has produced a huge variety to choose from. However, when worn incorrectly, a flat boot can make you look stumpy or under-dressed.

what to wear with flat boots by btaylor

Casual: When dressing casually with a flat boot, put your skinny jeans to good use - they are the perfect jean for this shoe. When tucked into the boot, it will elongate the leg and show off your impeccable choice in footwear. On top, keep it simple with a classic ribbed tank and playful patterned scarf. Throw on your new favorite coat and an oversized watch, and you have your weekend outfit.

Dressy: If you find yourself running to and from appointments during the week, you'll need a work-appropriate outfit to go with flat boots, which means jeans won't cut it. To avoid looking stumpy, create a long and lean silhouette with black tights and a form-fitting black sweater dress that falls above the knee. The length is important as the distance between the boot and the hemline will lengthen the look. Add a structured jacket in a light taupe or cream, and make the outfit pop with a huge chunky necklace and bracelet.

You can also view this set on Polyvore where we welcome all of our readers to join the SheFinds Group and create your own sets, letting us know how you'd wear your favorite flat boots.


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Sarah O'Connor said...

I usually see flat boots worn in clubs and other casual occasions but rarely in a corporate type setting. Thanks for the insights and I will definitely look into this the next time I shop.

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