Monday, November 10, 2008

Guest Blog: Fall's Feather Trend

This guest post is by Jael Paris, also known as Fashion Me Fabulous on Polyvore. Check out more of her daily posts on great trends and fashion goodies at the Fashion Me Fabulous blog.

Since affordable tweed dresses are taking their sweet time getting to the stores, let's move on to another element of the country gentlewoman trend: feathers. I love them deeply. My prom dress junior year was trimmed in them. I'm a sucker for hats with feathers in the band. If I could, I'd wear a giant feather collar every day.

I'm clearly not shy about my clothes, but if you are, you can still wear feathers.

A feather detail hat or headband nicely tops off a simple outfit.

Feathered Headband by Fashion Me Fabulous

Jewelry made of feathers is filling the stores. If you don't like the feather tickle, you can wear something inspired by the feather shape.

Let's Go For A Stroll by Fashion Me Fabulous

Flapper by Fashion Me Fabulous

For evening, you can carry a flapperesque feather bag or feather trim shoes.

ou don't have to go with full on ostrich. You can wear an item with feather whisps or feather print.

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