Monday, December 15, 2008

Guest Blog: Women's Tuxedo

This guest post is by Jael Paris, also known as Fashion Me Fabulous on Polyvore. Check out more of her daily posts on great trends and fashion goodies at the Fashion Me Fabulous blog.

becca from Fashion Me Fabulous has a formal awards ceremony to attend, and she's thinking of wearing a tuxedo. While women frequently dream about what they'd wear to the Oscar's and other posh events, in reality a formal event can cost you hundreds of dollars. By buying a chic pair of pants, jacket or vest, and nice top, you can break the outfit into pieces that will work for every day wear.

Think Marlene Dietrich and Yves Saint Laurent's "Le Smoking" as examples of feminine menswear. Even if the overall look is masculine, the items should still be cut for your body and your curves.

Make this masculine staple more feminine with satin, sequins or velvet. Details like a ruffled bag or collar will also play with gender standards.

New Year's Tuxedo Look 5 by Fashion Me Fabulous

New Year's Tuxedo Look 3 by Fashion Me Fabulous

For a sexier version of this look, switch the jacket for a vest and wear a glittery top underneath (if you need a shirt at all). Instead of showing some skin up top, you could opt for a little leg. Replace tux pants with winter shorts and black sheer tights.

New Year's Tuxedo Look 2 by Fashion Me Fabulous

New Year's Tuxedo Look 6 by Fashion Me Fabulous


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