Monday, December 22, 2008

How To Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater

What would the holidays be without those ugly, yet loveable, Christmas sweaters? It's the only time of year where tacky is fashionable (aside from Halloween, of course.) Want to throw a party to show off your favorite ugly Christmas sweater? Here are some fun tips and looks.


*tresdivine* said...

lol! love everything but the sweaters. luckily, i have none of those to show off.

Marit said...

this is funny--i love the chic ways to wear awful christmas sweaters. nice sets!

Anissa said...

Gotta use these,I've had those since I was like three!
Yes,feel sorry for me
Oh and btw,merry christmas

Sweater china said...

Hahaha, good advice :). I use to sell my ugly sweaters on ebay. Now, i will keep them and "try" to wear them

Jim from Christmas Movies said...

Love all the Christmas Sweater set shown even they are Ugly. hehehe.

Cashmere Sweater Sets said...

Christmas cashmere sweater sets aren't suppose to be ugly. Besides, who's complaining - we only get to wear them once a year.

Sandy said...

Well, let not rub the UGLY part in. As long as you feel comfortable wearing it, go! Cashmere Sweater Sets
can be worn at any time of the year anyways!