Thursday, May 29, 2008

How to Wear Yellow

Yellow is one of the hottest colors for this summer. Here's how to wear it.

Try brightening up an outfit with a splash of yellow in your accessories.

Or go bold and make yellow the centerpiece of your look with a vivid summer dress.

If canary yellow isn't your thing, you can also try a muted, pastel shade.

New Groups Features & New Home Page

Today we launched some big improvements to Polyvore. Let us know what you think of the changes by leaving a comment here on the blog.

Groups can now run their own contests! If you're the moderator of a group with 30+ members, you'll see a "Create a contest" option on your group page. Each group can run one contest at a time.

Want to add more moderators to your group? Click the "Moderate" link on your group page and navigate to the Members tab. Click on the picture of the person you want to make a moderator and hit "Make moderator".

Broadcast announcements to your group members. Click the "Make an announcement" link and a special Announcements section will appear on the group page. Only moderators can make announcements.

Notice the new "Home" link at the top of Polyvore? If you're signed in to Polyvore, you'll see that we've created a brand new page that contains your recent activity and some sets we think you might like -- sets created by your contacts, sets your contacts liked, recent sets from your groups, and featured sets.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Space Mermaid Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the Space Mermaid Fantasy Fashion contest. It certainly wasn't an easy decision, says Stephanie, the owner of Space Mermaid:

I was so inspired by everyone’s beautiful art, and the care they took in making each of their entries.

I would like to extend my free shipping offer through the end of June to thank everyone for their lovely entries.

Yay! Enter the code "polyvore" at checkout to get free shipping at Space Mermaid. And remember to join Space Mermaid’s mailing list for the latest on special sales and new collections.

♥Muhsine♥ Masters the Maxi Dress

It's hard to believe that all of these creations are from the same person, but it's true! ♥Muhsine♥ is a Fashion Designer from Great Britain who started using Polyvore 8 months ago and has been gracing us with her impeccable sense of style ever since.

More on how to wear the Maxi Dress:

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Independent Fashion Bloggers

We recently did an interview with Jennine of Independent Fashion Bloggers, the stylish set of fashionistas who can write as well as they dress.

In the interview, we discuss some specific ways in which Polyvore can be useful for helping fashion bloggers share their style, make product recommendations and add value to their blogs. Head over to IFB's blog and check out Your Toolbox: Getting to Know Polyvore.

And thanks so much to Jennine for the fabulous article!

Inspired by Covers Contest - More Winners Announced

Inspired by Covers, a recent contest sponsored by Philipp Lenssen of, had so many amazing entries that Philipp has featured his top 25 picks on, including the first, second and third place winners. Check out the feature on, and congratulations to all.

After the contest Philipp wrote, "There's just too much gorgeous creativity going on on the site!" We agree :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

How to Dress Like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte

The Sex and the City girls were recently on the Oprah show, whetting appetites for the upcoming, long-awaited, highly anticipated movie premiere. With only 27 days to go, here are some sets to inspire the Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte in all of us.

More Sex and the City Fashion:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Space Mermaid Fantasy Fashion

Just one week left for our Space Mermaid Fantasy Fashion contest - get your entries in now!