Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Trend Predictions Contest Winners

Polyvore members sure do have an eye for style! There were 3481 fashion sets entered into our 2009 Trend Predictions contest. With so many unique trends for us to pick from, it was a difficult contest to judge!

Here are the 12 winners (top 3 winners will also receive $25 American Express gift cards):

1st: Platform Pumps
Untitled by Bellavue

2nd: One-Shoulder Dresses
Do what u love nd love what u do!
Do what u love nd love what u do! by Hennie Henne Baby

3rd: Graphic Prints
cut the cord
cut the cord by feshfesh

4th: Mixed Textures
Untitled by 22 Acacia Avenue

5th: Pale Tones
White daisies
White daisies by snowbell

6th: Suspenders
Suspenders 2009...
Suspenders 2009... by JO

7th: Tutus
Think I'm UGLY ???
Think I'm UGLY ??? by FashionFanatica

8th: Polka Dots
Polka dot
Polka dot by ☆♥JOJO♥Join my group♥☆

9th: Futuristic
the future of fashion
the future of fashion by VintagePassion92

10th: Bright Colors
Trend Spot:: Rainbow BRIGHT.
Trend Spot:: Rainbow BRIGHT. by Polka My Dot is taking requests

11th: Country
Fearless by Sydney&Mil

12th: Crossover Dresses
Trends: Provocative question
Trends: Provocative question by Samara996

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Anonymous said...

All of them are already trends...

Anonymous said...

Exactly! And EVERY year I hear "one shouldered dresses are in this year!". Why can't we just face that some things are established styles that you can turn to anytime you feel like, rather than think of them as trends? Many styles have not gone off the radar for years now, it's just each year the details are tweaked and changed a little.

Hank Hendricks said...

These are so precious. I also want to participate in it to win.

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