Friday, January 9, 2009

How to Wear Acid Washed Jeans

Big hair, jelly bracelets, acid washed jeans...ah the 80s. We prayed some of these trends would die and never come back. But never say never, because acid washed jeans have returned! The process of acid washing jeans uses chemicals to strip off the color of the top layer,leaving the white fabric exposed. This gives a faded look. Acid washing could be done overall or made to look splotchy. Try a basic faded denim or go bold with color like turquoise or magenta.

What's your take on acid washed jeans? Are you rockin' them out?


the healthy ghost said...

Love the first outfit

Maria said...

Acid jeans aren't really my thing, but as these outfits show - if matched right, most items could work

ALICE said...

I got a brill pair of acid wash jeans a few months ago. They've served me well so far, they go with practically everything I own.