Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to Wear a Bustier

Bustiers are meant to smooth out your figure and offer support. So it's no surprise that wearing them as outerwear can be a little tricky. But with the right piece and pairing, your bustier can be the key element of classiness in your outfit.
high-fashion by vesela colina

Too Funky
Too Funky by BellaMarie

Beautiful roses
Beautiful roses by cibellevallim

barbie; "oke this time is..
barbie; "oke this time is.. by ♫ Cellini

Still a little too revealing for you? throw a light jacket, shawl or shrug over your shoulders or even something lightweight underneath for a layered look.

give me a flower!
give me a flower! by dementia.

Bearry Christmas!
Bearry Christmas! by whitzbrooke

Therak by Laurae

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Anonymous said...

I really like the way the bustier looks layered over a dress, it would be a great way to add interest to the little black dress...

Couture Boudoir said...

Great post! I love you blog and will add it to my RSS feed!

Anonymous said...

I have an awesome bustier I want to wear to a concert. However, I do not want to wear it bare. I will be pairing it with crop jeans, black booties and accessories. What do you suggest...something that I will not get hot in and feel constricted. I feel that a cardigan would not look right. Please advise :)

Housotn Boudoir Photography said...

A bustier can really smooth out some lines on a lady. I have a lot of clients take hots in them. They are becoming a lot more popular.

baju batik said...

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