Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to Wear Lace Tights

Don't tuck your skirts and shorts away just because it's cold outside. Your legs still need to breathe and lace tights are the perfect way to let them! Wearing all black, lace is tights a great way to break up the monotony. Even if you're wearing knee boots, a small hint of lace will add texture to your outfit. We're highlighting black lace tights in the sets below, but they also look great in other colors like red, navy blue, pink and brown. Check out and for some great lace tights!


Ally said...

I really love the lace tight thing and really want to wear them. But unfortunatly, lace makes me itch, sometimes break out. I can't do cute lace lingerie or even the little bit of lace on camis. :(

adele atkins said...


Its mad how things come back in fashion im 40 (But dont tell anyone) and looking at some of these lace tights i wore the same style 20 something years ago.

They still look great just wish my legs looked the same as they did some 20 years ago


GlassesShop said...

I loved your article post.