Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to Wear Leg Warmers

These days, leg warmers seem to be more of a fashion statement than serving a functional purpose. So why not spruce up your look by incorporating this hot 80s trend? Leg warmers are perfect for skirts, dresses, leggings and skinny jeans. They go great with open toe heels, pumps and boots and give a hot layered look. Pick neutral colors for a more subtle approach or go bold and totally 80s with bright colors!


Drisana said...

=) I had to buy legwarmers for ballet, but then I wore them to school....uber cool!! 80s fashion was a hot mess, but emphasis on the "hot" part. lol

Karin said...

Love them all, so great!!!!

PaintHead said...

Thank you for adding my set in there, u guys ROCK like POP RROCKS and super cool like Razzle Dazzle..LOL!!!! LOVE leg warmers, they are cool and they always make me have a "Flash Dance" moment!
Hugs POLY!!!!! oxoxo Painthead

chrisaerobics said...

I admit that I'm a guy. I love leg warmers. They look so sexy, plus they are comfy and warm. I always used to wear them with leotards, and occasionally I still do. :) Especially during aerobics and dancing. :) Men shouldn't be ashamed to wear them.

Warmly yours,
Chris Kennedy

leonardo said...

I love leg warmers.
It's so great that they came back to fashion. there is no other garment like leg warmers which is both sexy and homey.