Monday, February 16, 2009

Guest Blog: Neon Brights

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I just can't get enough of the latest trend for neon's. I love all of the full on bright fluorescent, juicy, citrus, acid and neon colours. They remind me of signs that light up at night, those fluorescent socks that were in fashion years ago and the glow sticks that ravers used to wave around. Fluorescent colours were also a favourite for punks to colour their Mohican or spikey hair styles. But the latest trend for neon colours is about bold confident girls who know what they want and want to have fun.

There are a range of different looks that you can achieve using neon colours.

For a really high energy look, try combining as multi colour neon's for an eye popping effect.

By combining neon colours with black, you will really up their intensity giving a disco light effect.

Just stick to one single bright colour all over for a look that will most definitely get you noticed.

Mix yellows and greens for a juicy citrus look.

My personal favourite, for a really fresh and up to date take on the neon trend is to combine neutral colours with flashes of neon accessories.

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Janice, Cardiff said...

Neon colours make for a great hen night outfit too. Picked up a fab tutu, lace gloves and leg warmers for under a tenner and there are loadas of neon accessories about in the high street at the moment as well as neon make up, false eyelashs and lipsticks if you want to go really OTT. Lol