Monday, February 9, 2009

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Don't panic, having a boyfriend is not required in order to wear these jeans. But the term "boyfriend jeans" does refer to the over-sized, slouchy nature of men's jeans. To make this trend work for you be sure to pick a pair that are straight leg and don't forget to roll them up. Vintage washes are the best and look great with practically everything. A little boyish charm goes a long way...even on a girl.


Anonymous said...

all of the above are absolutely fantastic! thank you for posting them!!! keep up the good work!

Jennythenipper said...

These are all great looks. I think you've done a great job of mixing up the masculine and the feminine. It can be too costumey if you wear the boyfriend jeans with a guys shirt and shoes too, but I've seen some girls pull it off. (The shirt is at least shrunken down to be super fitted).

More information about sizing men's jeans for women can be found on my blog:

Anonymous said...

AWESOME sets~~~~~~~
mg, plz keep up the GREAT work!

Drisana said...

These are awesome!! Can't wait to get into this trend =)

liane m said...

oh, hey, the 3rd one's mine!
I didn't know that you used it, haha
wow, that's exciting! thank you! :)