Friday, February 27, 2009

Interview with EtchaSketchinLola

Today's interview is with EtchaSketchinLola who is an aspiring teacher from New York City. Her Polyvore sets are vibrant and eclectic blends of colorful clothing, accessories and images. She layers images so perfectly, you'll hardly ever see any white space in between. EtchSketchinLola's creations are eye-catching and hard to miss!

Here are some of her sets, including her 2nd place win for our Design an Ad contest:

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Angelica, and I am 19. I live in New York City. I'm on leave from college right now, but when I return I want to school I want to study English or Art History. Ultimately my dream is to be either an English or Art teacher. My three loves are drawing, watching movies, and listening to music.

Describe your sense of style/fashion.

Despite what my friends say, I don't think I actually have a sense of style. In real life I'm more of a tomboy, so on Polyvore I tend just experiment with different pieces. I love mixing prints and pairing unexpected colors together. Aside from that, I don't really have a specific aesthetic that I go for.

How did you discover Polyvore?
My best friend goes to a fashion merchandising school. She found out about it through her school and sent me the link through Facebook. I tried it once, and I've been in love with it since.

Tell us a little about what you use Polyvore for and why.

I am a shopaholic. Put me inside of Macy's and I could buy the entire store without thinking. Honestly, I've gone to a store to buy a skirt and came home with seven pairs of jeans. However since I started using polyvore, I really don't shop as much. Now I only buy necessities, and make sets out of the other stuff that I want.

Describe your set creation process. Where do you get inspiration
for your sets? How do you pick a theme? How do you find your items?

Since I live in New York City, I tend to see tons of different people every time I leave the house. I draw inspiration from the different styles that I see on the passersby. I usually find my items by just searching page by page in the editor, and waiting for an item to catch my eye. Also, lately I have been doing a number of 30 minute challenges, so the item I'm given sparks my inspiration for the set.

What are your 3 favorite sets of the ones you've made?

I think I might be insane:
I had done a bunch of contests and role play sets that week and I just really wanted to do a set that I set my own theme for.

Don't keep me holding on:
This set is really girly and different for me, so I really like how it came out.

Food and Fashion:
The cupcakes inspired the outfit. So with my extreme love of cupcakes, there was no way that I would not love this set.

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

Nope, I love Polyvore just the way it is :]


chynisgrl said...

wooo! go EtchaSketchinLola!

Mer said...

Angie's style is so fun and original! I'm glad you chose her :) -Fashionistax3

gigeoxypresentane said...

What happened to the Polyvore Forum????

Ornate Kate said...

ow she was an aspiring teacher!!! man i love angie! she is so fabulous! this was great!
_Kinky kate