Friday, March 6, 2009

Figure Flattery: Workwear for Boyish Figures

Our Figure Flattery series on workwear continues with featured looks for boyish/skinny figures.

Boyish Figure

Skinny figures are often referred to as boyish, so you'll want to wear clothing that will create the illusion of curves, even if they're not there. Avoid shirts with very short sleeves that accentuate skinny arms and flared mini skirts.

Pencil skirts, balloon skirts, slim pants and tight-fitting wrap dresses are most flattering for slender figures. You can also create bulk by layering vests over shirts and dresses over pants. Extra details like ruffles, pleats and gathers will also make your body appear curvier.
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The outfit above is great because the pencil skirt looks great on a slim figure. The black band at the top of the skirt creates the illusion of a belt and will help accentuate a waistline. A bow blouse gives that extra bulk and detail and looks perfect alone or layered with a fitted vest. Heels will elongate your great legs even more and give you a polished office-appropriate look.

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Anonymous said...

This is definitely useful considering that i'm often teased for being a 'skeleton' and being practically flat though im 14...

Anonymous said...

I find that very good info but y dont u try to give more ideas like 4 skool or just hangin out?? because u cant wear anything like that to the movies wen u r supposed 2 dress casual. wat do u do wen u hav a boyish figure and u r going to the movies and u dont want to dress 2 dressy??? and in skool u hav 2 b able 2 change quickly cuz' of gym... please consider adding more,