Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Guest Blog: Jet-Set Glamour

This guest post is by Polyvore member Hautemode94, who has been a lover of fashion since age 5. He's a high school student aspiring to be a fashion editor or designer and has devoted his blog, The Couturier, to his love for fashion.

Jet-Set Glamour has been an amazing representation of wealth and glamour since 30's and 40's Hollywood. Great icons of this timeless style are the Olsens with their constant flights to Paris, and Kate Moss and her ever glamorous style. Lets not forget the famous brands that never cease to bring up that lasting glamour, Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

In Milano this style is endless...

When I asked my friend MissClash to do this, Kate Moss and Chanel were inevitable features.

A classic world traveler style always is appropriate for a quick trip to Australia...

Even Long Island Hamptons Style is glamorous.

Well, I hoped you guys enjoyed the post! Now go get glam!

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