Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interview with ❤✿PaintHead

Eye-popping neons and brights. Whimsical images. These are just a couple of ways to describe the work of ❤✿PaintHead. With a unique style of her own, PaintHead has built a name for herself here on Polyvore. Each of her creations sets a quirky and fun mood to tell a story. There's never a dull moment when you peek into PaintHead's world.

Here are some of her contest-winning sets:

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jessie and I live in Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love. I am an artist. I do freelance work like logos and murals and I also paint whenever I have time to. I have an Associate's Degree in Fine Arts, but will be returning back to school for Graphic Design or Fashion Marketing. My goal in life would be to eventually make layouts, logos for fashion designers, be a stylist for movies or work in a fashion magazine -- or why not start my own? Lol. I believe you can do anything your heart desires, and with hard work and passion you can get there. I also believe if you don't have money to do certain things, then teach yourself. There's always a way to get to where you want to.

Describe your sense of style/fashion.

My sense of style would be CRAZYYYYYY! LOL
The type of crazy were my own mom would be embarrassed to walk with me, lol. The best way to describe my style would be a mixture of new items sprinkled with some old items from the flea market, like a giant cupcake and I love vintage. I also love color and when I get dressed I think more of what color is missing, instead of what colors match. I think that way while making sets and when I paint, too.

How did you discover Polyvore?

I discovered Polyvore by Googling "candy buffet." I was planning my "candy" birthday party and wanted a big candy buffet. So while I was Googling, all these collages popped up. I looked at a few but never really paid any mind to it until a few weeks after my party. Again, I Googled "Besty Johnson" and I saw these collages again. I swear they were calling me, lol, because I then said "Let me check this out." I joined 8 months ago and have been here since. Now you're forever stuck with me.

Tell us a little about what you use Polyvore for and why.

I use Polyvore to explore and be open to grow more artistically. Polyvore has been good for me to be able to bring forth all the things that roam in my head. It's very different from painting. With Polyvore, I can create a world full of randomness that makes sense to me, LOL, so maybe it's not random...just being normal.

Describe your set creation process. Where do you get inspiration
for your sets? How do you pick a theme? How do you find your items?

I usually start a set with an item I see. Right away I know what I wanna do with it and it all flows after that. I look through my pages of items and see what calls out to me, to be part of the puzzle. Inspiration, to me, comes from anywhere. I can be walking down the street and see a sign, or a bottle cap on the floor, or even a bag of chips that I may be eating. Candy, cupcakes, a simple plate, a color combo I see in an ad. I am constantly seeing things as art. It's everywhere, we just have to see it.

I find my items by Googling, or on Polyvore. But one of my biggest inspirations is the model Doedeere, creator of Lime Crime make up. Her photographs are amazing and when I see a picture of her I see the set before I make it. Not the whole set, but the idea of it.

What are your 3 favorite sets of the ones you've made?

WOW my three favorite sets...umm...

My number one favorite would be my black and white one just because at the time I made it my mind was in another place, so that's what came out.
Barely Hanging
Barely Hanging - by ❤✿PaintHead on

Second is "BEcoming!" I like it because if there were a set I would jump into, it would be this one.
BEcoming! - by ❤✿PaintHead on

And third is "World of My Own!" because it full of color and life.
World of My Own!
World of My Own! - by ❤✿PaintHead on

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

Polyvore is great. Since I joined I have seen many great changes already, but it would be cool if we had a feedback/comment box in our groups, to communicate better with the members. OMG, see, now I can't stop lol. Another thing that would be cool is if we can somehow make our profile prettier with layouts, but in a way that it won't take away from the sets. What else? How about let us be able to add HTML codes in the comment section to see send a cute little cupcake to someone. But that is it.

I just wanna thank everyone for being kind and sweet and coming by my sets. Hello to all my contacts, u all ROCK like Pop Rocks and thank you Polyvore for being great! Hugs!


Daniela said...

Yay! I love Painthead's sets! They're so colorful and artistic, and just absolutely stunning. I could spend the entire day just looking through her sets. I love her wild style, and how she manages to put the set together and make it look great. :]

PaintHead said...


Topolina said...

Hey Painthead, first of all, congratulation girl!! you are awesome!!I was googling looking for some ideas to creat a chair basing on Taj Mahal´s story, when I found out your great and amazing way to put and mix the set. I am brazilian and I am studying fashion business.My english is not so good, sorry 4it!I looked for getting some ideas to my project but I am not so good like you LOL. Could you help or give some idea to build a stunning taj mahal design for covering chair? :-) OxOx Mirna(Topolina)

Karine Minzon Wilson fashion blog said...

YEP, PaintHead rocks!!!!!!!! Cool know more about you Jessie! hugs,ka

Stylechix19 said...

Congratz PaintHead...I loved your interview and yes I agree with everyone...the whimsy sets you create always put a smile on my face and keep me in awe!♥

Jael Paris said...

Ironically, I discovered Painthead through Doe Deere, not Polyvore. ;-) I love all the colors!

Anonymous said...

aww i love you painthead! You're sets always make me smile, and your endless sweet comments make my day!!!

Pippin said...

i think that Painthead is the most amazing on polyvore.your not afraid to be yourself you do what you do. you are who you are. never stop being yourself. you inspire others around you to express themselves in away that most people cant do. never feel any less then you are dont let people ever say that you are a freak because you arent your different which is awesome because who wants to be normal and boring. you have been a big inspiration to me and my freinds they always say to me OMG i cant believe painthead talked me i mean literally you are a celebrity on here and everyone feels like a crazed fan if you talk to them. when you faved my sets i felt so happy and i felt really good at making sets. my freinds sister who doesnt have a lot of favs and when you faved hers she was so grateful. everyone apreciates everything you do. and what i especially love is the fact that you never copy sets and you never make like a replica of your own. PLUS may i say i love your group Gulity Pleasures it is so fun to make candy sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are blessed to have you on Polyvore. xoxo thank you

nina (polyvore) said...

i think thia interview was a sign of "goodness!

C Lila said...

You sound like a fascinating person just like your poly-collages :)

lovelydawn said...

WOOT awesome!!! learned so much about you and you seem AMAZING :D.

Good luck with your future goals. i know you'll get there someday!!

i'll keep watching your sets~<333

Sleepy_head(*-*)zzZZ said...

This is fab interview with our lovely and fun Painthead!! I really enjoyed it, as well as her sets. Have a nice day, XOXOXO!!!

Emma said...

Painthead is simply overvally creative and one day I wish to be as creative as her. She has a crazy and wild sense that works! Congratz paint head

moose ;) said...


♥Paris♥ said...

I know this interview happened a while ago but I wanted to say congradulations to Painthead. She is my main inspiration and I think I look at her sets every time I've got spare time on polyvore. I love her style which is very colourful. Ilove to make colourful sets. I'm very happy for Painthead!

fashionista said...

im so glad talented girls like painthead were able to find polyvore as a way of expression! for some girls its maybe a game or a hobby, for some other could be an oportunity to discover and improve their natural habilities. This is her case! and who knows! maybe a job oportunity can pop out of this experience!
you are great! and keep it up with your style and colors!!!

Emory said...

Wow, it's so interesting to read about the real life painthead. It seems like she only existed as a fashion god, without human like qualities (i mean this as a compliment, trust me) thanks for posting this interview, it was cool to read.

painthead rocks!! :D