Tuesday, April 21, 2009

17 Again Contest Winners

17 Again takes 30-year old Mike O'Donnell back to the age of 17. He has no clue how to dress and blend in with high school kids, so we asked you to create the perfect outfit to help him fit in!

Congratulations to **lena**, heyjetaime and -=original=- who placed in our 17 Again contest!



Check out more great menswear outfits inspired by 17 Again:
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Francesca said...

dear polyvore- the website is acting up.. my drafts have became demented & out of shape, plus some people have yellow background automatically inserted. help? [:

Anonymous said...

actually...he's 37 not 30 :)

Abby said...

Dear Polyvore,

I concur with Francesca. No one has any remote idea of what is going on. The random yellow backgrounds, drafts being demented out of shape, the text randomly getting a background. We have NO idea why either. Please help!!


Anonymous said...

Polyvore. WHy cant we clip to photobucket? Why is a yellow background automatically inserted.?? HELP!

♥Teresa♥ said...

I think everyone is wondering why Polyvore is putting a yellow background on items and sets. Can you please fix it?