Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guest Blog: Interview with lilac.

This interview was originally conducted by Polyvore member elizabeth says relax. You can check out more interviews and fashion trends on her blog, elizabeth says relax.

Lilac is easily one the members I see becoming well known throughout the Polyvore community. Lilac moderates her group called Fashion Rocks which is based off the fact that music and fashion influence each other and pretty much go hand in hand, as well as creating her fabulous sets daily. Here’s the interview I did with Lilac.

Introduce yourself:

Blair, 14 years, just moved to California.

How were you introduced to Polyvore?

My friend told me about Polyvore months ago, I can’t even remember who

What inspires you to make a set?

Normally music inspires me, or a quote or feeling. I really get inspired by almost anything at anytime, but it depends on my mood. Looking at other people's sets gets me thinking or seeing an amazing piece of clothing. There’s so much creativity involved in set making.

What are some of your sets you think you did the best job on and why?

My favorite sets are the ones that I just make without thinking about too much - those seem to be the most natural.

Who are some of your favorite members on Polyvore?

I have a lot favorite members. There are so many insanely talented people here. parkereloise has some amazing sets. And I always love my friend Aly's, classic. Fσяєvєяℓσvє.xσxσ.'s sets never fail to look perfect and EtchaSketchinLola has some fantastic stuff too.

Please feel free to check more of Blair’s sets on her Polyvore page. They are truly amazing! I love this girl’s style; it’s fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Me encanta lila estilos. Son fabulosos! Lo sentimos, no Ingles.

Anonymous said...

taking action finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!