Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guest Blog: SATC Figure Flattery - Carrie Bradshaw

This guest post was written by Simone Riley director of Dress Moi image consultancy; she has years of experience in the retail industry and is known as Dress Moi on Polyvore, as well. Her fashion forward thinking has helped to transform the lives of many men and women; by understanding that beauty is also on the inside as well as out.

As an English girl in New York, I thought it only right to pay homage to the Sex And The City (SATC) girls. Sat in Starbucks drinking a skinny latte typing on my Macbook, dressed in my new Stella McCartney pink jumpsuit teamed with my Marc by Marc Jacob peep toe pumps; I imagine what it feels like to be Miss Carrie Bradshaw.

As we all know the quirky individual style of each girl is down to Patricia Fields’ fabulous mix of vintage and modern pieces. We can all try to imitate their style but if you aren’t dressing for your body shape you aren’t doing SATC!!

In this four week SATC blog we will explore each characters body shape. Once you determine which body shape category you are, you will be able to solve fashion problems that you have been longing to answer all your life. You will also realize why some clothes suit you and why others are a no go.

In the hustle and bustle of New York City, Carrie needs to stand out from the crowd. She does this by mixing her eclectic style with bright and colorful contemporary pieces to bring a playful, child-like quality to her style. Her looks range from wild chick to glamour puss and she absolutely adores mixing one of her vintage pieces with modern looks.

Carrie has a straight up and down body also known as a boyish shape with narrow hips and small waist. Most clothes fit perfectly on her frame. Accessories are a major key to this body shape. Add corsages, pearls or necklaces to accentuate your outfit.

Key: With a boyish body shape it is important to add dimension to your profile. Think this season’s unstructured tops and pants.

What to wear?

* Wear clothes with details at the hips to draw the eye to your waist. Try anything with horizontal detail from pattern in clothing to the hemlines.

* When wearing dresses or plain tops wear a belt at the waist or just below the bust to create shape.

* If you are short, wear jeans with a wide pocket to elongate your legs. Narrow figured ladies are some of the few that look fabulous in skinny jeans and cigarette style trousers for a relaxed stylish day look, team with flat pumps and at night add sky scraper heels.

* If you have toned arms spaghetti straps or strapless tops are perfect for you.

* Dresses are a perfect way to add definition to boyish figures and romantic floaty dresses with ruffles or frills will add shape to your silhouette.

* Team this seasons draped skirt and detailing up top to give your figure some curves

**Next week we will look at Samantha's body shape

Where to go
Where to go by wild jungle ivy featuring Coach necklaces

sarah jessica parker
sarah jessica parker by LolaHaze featuring Dorothy Perkins belts

Carrie Bradshaw...
Carrie Bradshaw... by *Anči* featuring Todd Lynn vests

Style Icons: Sarah Jessica Parker
Style Icons: Sarah Jessica Parker by dançadasolidão featuring D&G bracelets

To receive tailored advice on how to dress for your shape and how to update your wardrobe please contact Simone at Simone@dressmoi.co.uk.

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