Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guest Blog: SATC Figure Flattery - Miranda Hobbs

This guest post was written by Simone Riley director of Dress Moi image consultancy; she has years of experience in the retail industry and is also known as Dress Moi on Polyvore. Her fashion forward thinking has helped to transform the lives of many men and women; by understanding that beauty is also on the inside as well as out.

Miranda is the classic triangular shape.

Miranda Hobbs

Miranda is a career girl who wears structured, classic and practical suits, which have been softened to reflect her role as mum. As a career girl, Miranda’s focus is on getting the job done rather than following fashion trends. To inject some style into her wardrobe she will add a dash of colour or experiment with funky accessories.

Miranda has what is known as a triangular figure that is fuller on the top due to large boobs or broad shoulders and narrow on the bottom.

Key: your main aim is to balance your figure so that you don't look top heavy, accessorize and dress to achieve a look that gives you an hourglass silhouette.

What To Wear?

This is the opposite of the pear shape so the focus is on drawing eyes downwards. This can be done by wearing thick material and bright colours on the bottom half.

* Hipster jeans will flatter your waistline and boot cut jeans will widen your lower legs.

* Give the illusion of larger hips by wearing skirts and trousers with side pockets and button details in contrast keep the top simple.

* Accessorise with chunky necklaces.

* Draw attention to your long legs by wearing coloured shoes as this will add an edge to your look and why not add a matching bag or coloured bracelets

* Avoid sweetheart necklines or low scoop tops as emphasizing the bust can result in a Dolly Partonesque look. Instead, a V-neck can draw attention from a large bust as it guides the eye inwards and down the midline of the dress

* Avoid shoulder pads – as there is no need to accentuate the broad shoulder, instead try to bring attention down to the narrow end of the body.

**Next week we will look at the final SATC character Charlotte

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