Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Roleplay Guidelines

In response to recent issues with inappropriate use of personal photos in roleplays on Polyvore, we have decided to ban clipping from photo sites such as Photobucket, TinyPic, MySpace, and Facebook.

We'd also like to clarify the ground rules for roleplaying on Polyvore. For those of you who have never heard of roleplay before, roleplay is a game where people pretend to be fictional characters. Some Polyvore members use roleplay as a creative source of inspiration of sets. A good example of this is the Big Apple Interns group, where Polyvore members pretend to be interns working in the fashion industry in New York and create outfits for their characters to wear. Some roleplays are set in fictional worlds from TV or books, such as Gossip Girl or Twilight. In general, we are supportive of roleplay because imagination and fantasy are a huge part of what drives fashion and art.

If you choose to engage in roleplay on Polyvore, please pay attention to our community guidelines and remember to follow these simple rules:

No violent or sexual content is permitted on Polyvore.
Polyvore is meant for people of all ages, so please refrain from using any sexual or violent imagery, words, or storylines in your sets. We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of material, so anyone who breaks this rule will have their account banned immediately.

Be respectful of others.
We noticed that some Polyvore members were clipping random people's MySpace pictures or personal blog photos for use in sets. This violates the privacy of others and is not appropriate. Imagine how you'd feel if your photo was being used without your knowledge in ways you weren't comfortable with.

We know that the vast majority of Polyvore members are friendly fashionistas who use the site to showcase their creativity and unique sense of style. You guys are what makes Polyvore tick, and we love you!

Thank you to everyone who has been helping to flag inappropriate groups, members, sets, and items. Please keep it up. The more people who flag an item, the more attention it will get from our team.


Madeleine said...


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. I totally agree with your statement but banning clipping from Photobucket doesn't sound so good. Photobucket doesn't have only pictures of people for roleplays but also of models, stencils and stuff, that we need in order to make a good set. If you ban Photobucket too, Flicker is out...what's left seriously?

Anonymous said...

The bad thing about banning clipping from photobucket etc is that people who upload their own pictures of items - clothing items, don't get to do that because of people who role play. Which is going to be annoying coz sometimes it's hard to find things, so you upload it yourself.

All up, it's really detrimental because polyvore is a great FASHION styling site, now it is catering more to the role players.... I thought there were plenty of other role playing sites out there... but there aren't many FASHION sites. (FYI - I'm not totally anti role play)

Daisy said...

I'm sure it's not funny if people use your picture without you knowing but it annoys me a little bit that i'm no longer able to upload my pictures to like photobucket or tinypic and clip them.
I know that you had to do this it's just a bummer for people like me who had nothing to do with roleplays or inappropriate use of personal pictures.

PaintHead said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO, not photobucket :( *sad* lol
thats where i get some items from and where i upload my paintings and clip them from there, but i 'll figure something else out.

Good Post :)

lavagabonde said...

Non-fashion roleplay should be banned altogether if it's going to result in such a severe curtailing of images for use on polyvore. Why should a minority of immature idiots ruin it for everyone else? Let them go play their asinine games somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Banning Photobucket? I do not agree with this. Once again you are punishing those of us who are mindful of the rules because of members who ignore the rules. Many people have been using Photobucket to import their own personal photos for themselves and others to use in artistic sets. This was conceived as a solution to the recent copyright complaints against Polyvore. Now this is no longer possible, as you have banned all means of importing personal photos.

This is quite frustrating. Continuing to simply ban the clipper from various sites does nothing to solve the problems that exist with Polyvore- it only alienates those of us who are rule-abiding. I think there are better solutions out there, such as altering the clipper to include 'copyright-free, permission, ownership' checkboxes- thus encouraging each and every member to take responsibility for the images they import. I know this has been suggested numerous times- is it not worth trying??

AriesPrincess ~ Slyffindor said...

please just give photobucket and google picasa back. i only clip my own pics, i made a collage and i needed to be clipped and now i can't. please?

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with banning clipping from all but controllable or authorized sites. I do think it would be helpful for Polyvore to issue a small amount of temporary storage space to each of us on a per-request basis to allow us to load and clip our own items. Many people are very responsible about using their own photos on here and are very generous about sharing their photos and art work. It would be a shame to lose that sense of community. Space that is controlled by Polyvore and directly linked to our IDs here would allow for a much more protected system of importing our own items. Then for the rest Polyvore could limit the clipper use to only such sites as have agreed to it. No more random web clipping.
Lynne Fraser - aka Suburbhater, LCNF or CSI

Anonymous said...

I can see where Polyvore is feeling they must ban Photobucket, etc., but I agree that it really doesn't sound fair to the people who like to upload their own photos to Photobucket [or other photo-sharing websites] and clip them. After all, there aren't many [popular] roleplays that are involved in fashion, art, or anything for that matter- so I feel it's a bit bothersome that they are the main ones getting sites banned.

Drisana said...

I'm a little bit disappointed about Photobucket.... I was trying to draw some things and get them on Polyvore... I guess maybe another site will have to do. =(

Jours De GrĂ¢ce said...

I think that is a really good idea. A lot of people get mad, when their photos are uploaded with out premmision. Flickr was never allowed anyway. I really dont care that much. I reallly like places like blogger, the cobrasnake, and weheartit for pictures.
I also dont like a lot of roleplays be cause they are more about stories and love and stuff and not so much about fashion.and isnt that what polyvores about?

Annuska said...

ugh. thanks a lot, clueless rpers.

Anonymous said...

This SUCKS!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(not you but the photobucket part...)

who ever is deciding this stuff is a little too strict. Photobucket has the option where if you DON'T want your photos taken you have a PRIVATE account. there are useful things from photobucket we could use such as fashion pieces and stencils and models and landscape pictures like new york at night. im fine with myspace, flikr, and facebook being out of the picture.(heehee)

as a role player AND an aspiring writer and fashion designer i think you should take photobucket out of the clipper banning list.

Anonymous said...

I'm really upset about banning photobucket. How are we supposed to upload pictures that we want to use? Like a lot of other people, I not only use clothing in my sets, I also use pictures of celebrities etc. And we cant not only use photobucket, but you banned all picture websites that i could find. This is going to make it very difficult for me to make sets beause i like to edit my own pictures and upload them.

·AnaLiiCia♥ said... what am I gonna do?? I clip my real life friends pictures to make them collages for their bithdays and stuff,, I guess no more personalized sets for them :(

maybe if there was an option for private and personal you clip them and they are only yours and no one can use them, because tagging/naming the item DO NOT USE!!!!! is not working.

anyways..I support you in the flagging, I sometimes spend 1 hour a week exploring polyvore (members, groups,sets) and I have seen EVERYTHING, is gross and lack of morals (seriously) & I always flag and report :] any help you need I'm always here!
Roleplays like family just ridiculous (mom age 16, father 17, twins 2 months and 1/2, boy 6 YEARS OLD)...I'm always like what the...??! and what's more disturbing is that those roleplayers are 11 year olds! No wonder why teen pregnancy has become a huge problem!

anyways...good post!

Anonymous said...

I, like Painthead, have used Photobucket to Upload my own artwork to Polyvore. Are you coming up with an alternate solution?

Will you create a mini Photobucket like account for each of us here at Polyvore? We artists are being punished for the poor behavior of others. And I understand the need for the rule. But you have really made it difficult for us.

I respectfully ask that you think of an internal solution - perhaps a way to "approve" images before they can be used?

I love love love Polyvore, but I am very very upset about the inability to use my own artwork here.

Anonymous said...

Are there any sites where we can add pictures of our own clothing and clip then? Polyvore will be totally worthless now if you can't do that. If people are concerned with the pictures getting added to here they should have them set to private!

Anonymous said...

I dont agree with your zero tolerance policy on "sexual imagery, words, or storylines". Because sex is not a bad or dirty thing, and some sets that include it are not graphic or nasty.

ALSO I really really REALLY dont think anyone who "breaks this rule" should be immediatley banned. This would be a horrible thing, users should atleast get a warning or notification because I know if I was all of a sudden banned and my sets (and all my hard, beautiful, &artistic work)was gone I would be absolutley devastated and ticked off.

Lastly, I think that we should have an option to print our sets, and/or be able save them to our documents on our computer, the set and description.

Please seriously consider all this..

Anonymous said...

Ok... SO WHAT if they are suing! THEY posted those pictures on there for EVERYBODY to use and see! They should stop being whiners! YEESH! They should be HAPPY that people like how they look. For example, Elsie is a VERY popular site model because she is pretty! SHE SHOULD BE HAPPY! And if she didnt like people using it THEY SHOULDNT HAVE POSTED THE PICTURES! IS EASY!

CourtneyJay said...

Great, just great. What happens when we want to upload real life outfits or pictures of ourselves? :/

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of it. Even photobucket. I've seen people use people's pictures without permission. I am not one of those people who go around clipping things without thinking of people's personal lives. It kinda stinks that they ruined it for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, I tried to clip from photos of Karlie Kloss, a fairly well-known model, not a random person from Facebook. Anyways, it wouldn't let me, because it claimed the photo was from "Tinypic." There are several photos of real fashion models on, so I'd like to clip from it.

-->haleyy<-- said...

I agree with you. It is VERY inappropriate what some people are roleplaying, and they're stealing random people's pictures. I very much dislike not being able to use Photobucket, though. I upload my own pictures off of there, and I'm really mad that other people are ruining it for me just because they want to take people's pictures. I've seen so many sets out there where users at mad at the Polyvore staff bcuz you took away their roleplaying, they think Polyvore is MEANT for roleplaying or something. You have done so much for us, colored text, music, contests, undo/redo, please keep up the effort! There are ppl out there that appreiate what you do. I hope that you can spend more time on adding great features to Polyvore instead of trying to stop people from stealing pictures.

Brianna said...

BANNING PHOTOBUCKET?? ban roleplay instead! that is soo unfair. whats the point then?? grrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

How do set up roleplay I stil dont understand that

Anonymous said...

I agree with this policy, but because many sites being used to clip pictures are being banned, Polyvore should add a way for people to upload pictures from their computer straight to Polyvore -- in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree. Sexual acts help make stories and roleplays better in a way. Sex is a natural thing for the human race. So if we roleplay and say a character wants to have a baby; does the baby pop out of nowhere? Like *POOF* you now have a baby? Cussing it really should not make the polybot cry. Cussing is also a necessity for a good roleplay and or story. I'm just saying though.