Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Does Chic Mean To You? Contest Winners

This guest post was written by Helen Zhu from Chictopia. Helen is not only the CEO & founder of Chictopia, she's also a style maven who posts plenty of killer outfits on her Chictopia blog!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the What Does Chic Mean To You contest! The Chictopia team had the most unbelievably difficult time picking winners, but the three that we settled on were our standout favorites.

Third place winner Polka My Dot’s outfit inspired by Chictopia user xs_ played it hard and soft with killer Givenchy wedges and the sweetest tunic you've ever seen.

3rd place

Polyvore's suceve convinced us all to think pink (how'd she know that the thestylishwanderer always brings a smile to our faces?) and award her second place.

2nd place

But it was MarianaBrazil's delightfully quaint summery outfit (the flat-brimmed straw topper and round-framed sunglasses were especially clutch) that played close to our hearts. We've always been a fan of Chictopian strawb errykoi's idyllic and loved seeing it reinterprerated.

1st place

And despite the wildly different aesthetics of the three looks, we're thrilled to see that these--and all of the chicest outfits submitted--were brimming with personality. Thanks again for participating, and we'll catch you on Chictopia!

Check out all the entries here or below:
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cartwheels99 said...

i love the third place winner's entry but the other ones are gr8 too!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwww the 1 place one is like back and the day