Friday, May 1, 2009

Polyvore Featured in WGSN

WGSN, the world's leading fashion & style forecaster, published a lovely article about Polyvore in their Retail Talk section yesteday. WGSN is the premier research firm for the fashion industry -- they predict upcoming trends and colors, analyze the retail landcape, and are an indispensible source of creative intelligence for designers, buyers, marketers, and CEOs of top fashion brands. We're honored that they chose to feature Polyvore on their site!

WGSN's content is subscription-only, so we can't reprint the full article, but here are a couple of excerpts:

WGSN looks at the addictive
by Allyson Rees, Associate Editor, Retail & Events

"Part fashion magazine, part social network, part merchandising genius, has been described as the"World of Warcraft for the fashion set" and introduces a new wave of brand marketing."

"In building a platform for retailers to socially and virally market their product, the site provides users an unmatched ability to engage with actual merchandise and brands."

"Polyvore is a gauge of what's cool, since the sets represent an all-inclusive look into pop cultures from around the world. As users start to incorporate music, celebrities, literature, film and art into millions of sets- all of which are embedded on e-commerce sites, fashion blogs, live journals and various social networks, Polyvore has the capability and platform to singlehandedly create world trends."

Thank you to Allyson Rees for your kind words about Polyvore!

We also wanted to thank the wonderful Polyvore community for helping us become what we are today. Without you guys, there would be no site at all. We're constantly amazed and inspired by the beautiful collages you create using our tools.

Also, a big shoutout to ThePinkLilly, Orangurple, BellaMarie, elizabeth says relax., ♥DianaBanana♥, LisaMay and Natasha11, whose Polyvore outfits were chosen by the WGSN team to be featured in the article. Congratulations especially to ThePinkLilly, whose outfit was the headlining graphic for the article:

View 'WGSN ' on Polyvore


PaintHead said...

WOW that is huge. I'm glad people are noticing Poly,
It's a must see site for any one wanting to be in the fashion world, u get familiar with Designers and you get introduced to new ones. Really great. This should be a fashion class requirement.LOL! oxoxox

Honestly , i have always loved fashion, but being in poly made me realize how MUCH i do love it.

Engreida said...

That site is a requirement in my classes! Wow, Poly and Everybody, I'm so impressed with you all!

Gallo Pinto Lounge said...

I think Is Great!!! Besides the Fashion Factor, There is the Networking that's very Important as well and WORLD WIDE connecting is Important now a days!!! I am glad to have this chance to create, get ideas and promote!!! fabulous!!!!!

shoegirl927 said...

This is wonderful!

Housewifing said...

Congratulations :) You deserve the recognition.