Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Sterling Style Academy and Polyvore

If you've ever thought about taking your Polyvore styling skills to the next level, the Sterling Style Academy is the perfect place to start your career in fashion!

The Sterling Style Academy trains top-notch Image Consultants and Personal Shoppers around the world in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, and Dubai, as well as Online. They help prepare students for success in the multi-million dollar Image Consultant industry through both classroom exercises and hands-on training with instructors who are recognized industry professionals. (Check out their Polyvore profile here: Sterling Style Academy)

We're excited to announce that the Sterling Style Academy will be integrating Polyvore's styling tool into their training curriculum so that students can receive the most current and timely style industry information. Polyvore allows Sterling Style Academy’s students and Certified Image Consultants to create wardrobe case studies and style sheets for course projects and current clients. Personal Shoppers and Image Consultants are able to work with the most current clothing available from any online retailer in all fashion categories from Dramatic to Romantic.

We're looking forward to seeing all the work from Sterling Style Academy students worldwide on Polyvore!


lola said...

Wow that is really cool! Thanks polyvore... I like the fact that you bring more to the table than just contests and sets from you... but real businesses and jobs...

PaintHead said...

AWESOME..XOXOOX , i always knew Poly was one step ahead of what will be the next big thing in Fashion,as far as being interactive with Fashion schools and pretty soon Big Fashion Magazines..oxoxo you guys will be featured some day..oxox hugs

PaintHead said...

I have a question about this School...beside training in becoming an Image Consultants and Personal Shoppers around the world, can u become a stylist for photo shoots, editorials/magazine etc with this training?.

Is the training limited to Image Consultants and Personal Shoppers?? I went in the site and i really don't see examples or what job titles you can get with this training. I am asking because i am thinking of going back to school and i am looking around. Or i can just ask them, lol